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User:squall_the_lion (190838)
Name:Squall Leonhart
Location:United States
Bio:Squall's Biography

The misunderstood, cold and quiet leader is what Squall is. Not to mention strong as well. Squall seems to fall into the anti-social crowd of people, and tends to keep to himself, and do a lot of brooding. Though he prefers to keep to himself, Squall has a kind heart that he shows to only those he cares a great deal for. Although he mostly remains alone, deep down he does wish to be close to others, if it weren't for his past.

Age: 18
Grade: 12

Interests:50: angst, anime, arrogance, astronomy, ayumi hamasaki, birds, black, brooding, cars, chrono trigger, cold, dark, devil may cry, disturbed, ffiv, ffviii, ffx, final fantasy, fire, gackt, gaming, girls, gunblade, ifrit, j-rock, kingdom hearts, linkin park, lionheart, lions, magic, manga, movies, music, playstation, ps2, reading, rinoa heartilly, rock, rpgs, snow, space, squall leonhart, squaresoft, stars, sun, swords, the bouncer, white, wind, winter
Friends:20: albhedchik, amai, angelic_rinoa, ante_up, blitzball_playa, crimson_fantasy, finalfantasy_hs, garnet_dagger, lady_lulu, lenne, pure_evil, shattered_mist, silverwinged, songsofsylvia, strife_cloud, tifalockhart, yuna_edea, zidane_tribal, _quistis_, _seraafie
Friend of:14: amai, angelic_rinoa, ante_up, blitzball_playa, crimson_fantasy, garnet_dagger, lady_lulu, lenne, shattered_mist, strife_cloud, tifalockhart, zidane_tribal, _quistis_, _zell_
Member of:1: finalfantasy_hs
Account type:Early Adopter

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