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Below is user information for bleeding my love // coughing up my heart. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:splinterized (12426)
Name:bleeding my love // coughing up my heart
Website:|| . s i c k . o b s c e n i t i e s
Location:Austin, Texas, United States
Bio:old journal :

one thing to know about me :
love me or hate me.. do what you want
i don't really care anymore
Interests:150: abusers, addictions, alcohol, amputation, analyzing, anger, art, auras, beauty, bipolar, biting, black, blood, body fluids, bondage, breaking, broken hearts, candles, cannibals, cause and effect, chains, chase, children, chokers, cleptos, cold metal, comfort, computers, conspiracy, contrasts, couples, criticisms, curiosity, cutting, dark angels, death, debates, disorders, distortions, dominance, dreams, dusk, dye, emotions, eyes, fear, fetishes, fights, fire, flaws, flesh, flirting, foreplay, fragments, freaks, goths, guilt, hair pulling, handcuffs, hate, humor, imaginations, intelligence, intuition, irritation, jealousy, kinky, kissing, leather, lips, liquids, loneliness, love, manic depression, metaphors, mind teasers, minds, music, mystery, nails, necks, needles, nights, numbers, obsessions, oddities, opinions, oral, orgasms, pain, paint, panties, perks, personalties, piercing, pleasure, programming, psychology, punishments, punks, purgatory, rain, razor blades, reactions, reading, role playing, roses, sarcasm, scars, scratching, screams, seduction, self destruction, self mutilation, sex, sharp objects, skinny dipping, sorrow, souls, speed, spikes, spontaneous combustion, strange, sub conscience, submission, suicide, symmetrical, talking, tastes, tattoos, tears, teasing, tempers, temptations, terminology, thoughts, torture, truth, unique, vampires, vanilla, velvet, violence, virgins, wax, web pages, whispers, wings, wonderland, writing
Friends:12: brusque, bucketheadish, complxvisionary, disastersbeauty, djsuperfoxy, late_4_class, misfortunately, nephilum, psychadellic, ruthless, splinterized, stimonii
Friend of:12: angelically, bucketheadish, disastersbeauty, djsuperfoxy, misfortunately, nephilum, ohsoxoblivious, onlywords, psychadellic, ruthless, splinterized, stimonii
Account type:Early Adopter

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