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User:spiceytuna (799197)
Location:Sioux City, Iowa, United States
AOL IM:igetbothjiffs (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:igetbothjiffs (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:The names Sarah...I'm a junior at North High.
I love summer, and fall and things that smell pretty :)
I couldn't live without my friends.
I love having fun things to do.
I like to make lists and I like to be random.
I'm a vegetarian and an outdoorsy girl.
I like to write, but I talk about nonsense. Soo hope you enjoy ;)
Interests:62: american eagle. pacsun, aveda, ben folds, best friends, boys, bras, candyland, caring, cell phones, clothing, comments, computers, converse, cool blurties, cute clothing, devotion, disney movies, dressing up, earrings, fairies, feet, food, friends, holding hands, hooba, hugs, humerous happenings, ipods, kisses, kissing, life, love, make-up, massages, mcdonalds!, mtv, music, penguins, phones, pictures, piercings, post it notes, procrastinating, pumas, purses, questions, sandwiches, shoes, shopping, soup at hand, sprite, summer, surveys, sweat pants, sweet moments, texting, the get up kids, undies, vh1, victoria's secret, weezer, zazzy
Friends:10: aardudette, chickenwings115, fishlipss, lilbouncer, lost_always, playkitten34, rollie, tru3_b3autii909, zazzy, _autobioqraphy
Friend of:10: aardudette, chickenwings115, fishlipss, flirtatious14, lilbouncer, lost_always, playkitten34, tru3_b3autii909, zazzy, _autobioqraphy
Member of:2: friendz, quick_layouts
Account type:Free User

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