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User:spanky_g (2419)
Name:Chino Moreno
Website:I'll Be Faint Like A Crook
Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
AOL IM:ToneDefMoreno (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Hi, I'm Chino from the Deftones and also Team Sleep. You've heard of us either on the radio, seen a video, or you have heard of us by word of mouth.

If you're in a band, chances are, I hate your band because you probably sound like some cheap crappy ripoff of Vanilla Ice or 311. No sweat, little dude, just because I loathe your band doesn't mean that I dislike you too. Unless you're one of those motherfuckers with a 'tude, then we've got a problem.

So this is me, Chino Moreno, in all of his glory. Everything that is written in this journal is my thoughts and opinions. The things that come out of my mind, flow down to my lips, and extend at my fingertips.

General Bullshit is as follows-

Full Name- Camillo Wong aka Chino Moreno
Band- Deftones
Weapon Of Choice-Vocals/Guitar
Martial Status- engaged :) loving the one and only Samantha Caredossa (in other words, if I hear you talking shit about her or if you touch her, you will pay. Capiche?)
Kids-Jakobi, Draven and Kristian

Interests:15: beer, deftones, incubus, jakobi, kristian, music, my music, people, places, samantha, team sleep, the doors, things, touring, vodka
Friends:16: almostkate, berties_madness, brian_welch, clarksoncutie, deven_davis, james_shaffer, jay_lynn, johnny_the_mod, kellylee, matrix_keys, michaelshinoda, mizz_mya, rob_bourdy, sam_bennington, skyexhoppus, xmadex__joelx
Friend of:3: joseph_hahn, liquid_child, sam_bennington
Account type:Early Adopter

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