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User:sopretty_sodead (880227)
Name:So Pretty So Dead
Location:Glendora, New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:So DeadSo Pretty (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Heyy everyone! My name is Jennifer! I am a cheerleader. I am quite a loser. I have no label, so don't even try to catagorize me! I am single and looking! But looking to have fun. I am not quite ready for a relationship yet. Let's see... I am a cologne and purse and shoe whore! I love to shop. I love to walk. I would rather sit on a ratty old couch at your house watching a game and it costing you close to nothing then have you spend a bunch of money on me and be working it off for the next month and not be able to see me at all. I hate people that think the world is against them. I hate when people never smile! I dislike it when you go to take a picture and you have that 1 freaking jerkoff in the group that is like o0o I don't like pictures... and bitch about it until no one wants to get into the picture. I hate snoody guys in my school that just are ignorant to everyone they don't know. They have no point what so ever except to make those weak enough upset. But back onto a happy note! hehe. I am very low maintence. I like public displays of affection... I think it's cute! No, I am definetely not homophobic. Infact I am bisexual, but not one to run around with a huge rainbow flag and advertise it. You ask me and I will tell you the truth, but I am not going to walk up to strangers and annouce I am bisexual. I am still a virgin when it comes to guys. Yes it is true. No I am not kidding. Most people find this fact hard to believe, but it's the truth. Ok... So I love to sing and dance. I draw and write and I still have a diary! I am hoping to become a very famous fashion designer and model my own clothing. I am working my ass off to get a scholarship to The Art Institute Of Philadelphia! I am a born and raised Jersee Girl. I can be some what of, well, a bitch... But aren't we all at somepoint or another?
Interests:74: a jealousy issue, a perfect circle, alice in chains, anal cunt, as i lay dying, at the drive in, ataxia, billy joel, blink 182, bob marley, bush, ciara, cirle takes the square, coldplay, converge, cradle of filth, cyndi lauper, daughters, dimmu borgir, drowning pool, explosions in the sky, fall out boy, fate's end, get up kids, goo goo dolls, gorilla biscuits, guster, inside out, jack off jill, jimmy hendrix, john mayer, kidney thieves, kill me tomorrow, killswitch engage, kiss, kittie, lamb of god, leftover crack, manipulate in reverse, marilyn manson, misery index, moonspell the mars volta, mudvayne, nevermore, outcast, pantera, prince, queen, radiohead, rage against the machine, red hot chili peppers, rob zombie, scarlings, senses fail, shakira*drool*, simetta, smashing pumkins, snoop dogg, some korn, static x, stonesour, suicidal tendancies, switchblade symphony, the bled, the cure, the dixie chicks, the faint, the old metallica, the old slipknot, the roots, tool, via satellite, yellowcard, youth of today
Friends:1: loreleisol
Account type:Free User

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