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Below is user information for })i({ ~ SoOjiN. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:soojster (490210)
Name:})i({ ~ SoOjiN
Website:*SoOjiN's pAgE*
Location:branford, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:sooj411 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:soojster (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:not much 2 say...

i'm a junior at BHS, i'm part of music makers, concert chior, mcc, and such. i do lotsa and u'll find out my life...

Interests:139: 4th of july, a walk to remember, abercrombie, acting, adam sandler, ae, aim, alaska, alias, all i wanna do, american dreams, american idol, andy roddick, anything goes, aruba, audi, bahamas, bc, beaches, bebe, benz, blink 182, bmw, branford, broadway, california, candy, cape cod, caron's corner, chillin like a villan, christmas, cocksuckers, computers, cruises, daquaries, deeds, degrassi, dipshits, disney, dogs, drags, dreams, driving, eastham, emack and bolie's, emode, er, everwood, fireworks, florida, food, freaky friday, friends, fuckers, gilmore girls, gold, good charlotte, guys as dolls, hawaii, here's johnny, holland america, homestead, ice cream, igby goes down, internet, jag, jcrew, jetta, john mayer, johnny depp, jokes, josh groban, korea, les miserables, lilies, mainstreet, mcc, miami vices, money, movies, music, music makers, my favorite hamdenite, my favorite north havener, my perverted furvert, nikon 4300, nothingness, nubbies, oldies, oranjestad, orlando bloom, parties, passat, paychecks, pcc, phili, phone, pirates of the caribbean, pomeranians, pools, provincetown, queen, quizilla, real world, rendezvous, rent, russian bank, set back, shoes, shopping, silence of the lambs, silver, simon and garfunkel, simple plan, singing, skiing, sleep, smallville, snapple, south street, st.thomas, stalking, stars, talking, tanzanite, tennis, terminator, the beatles, the oc, the shining, trouble m, tufts, tv, upenn, ur mom, walking, weezer, yale, yaris
Friends:1: emar
Account type:Free User

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