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Below is user information for Andrew. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sonicdeathmnky6 (487273)  
AOL IM:sonicdeathmnky06 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I am Andrew hear me roar. Numbers too big to ingnore
Interests:85: a perfect circle, acid bath, alice in chains, arguile socks, at the drive in, aviators, bad brains, black dahlia murder, black flag, black sabbath, botch, brutal truth, burnt by the sun, candiria, cave in, century media records, cephalic carnage, cheap trick, coalesce, conan o'brian, converge, cryptopsy, david bowie, deftones, dillinger escape plan, discordance axis, dokken, faith no more, fantomas, frank zappa, godspeed you black emperor, guitar, helmet, hot hot heat, jack black, jane's addiction, jeff buckley, jesus lizard, jesus' son, jimmy dean, killing joke, king crimson, mastodon, melvins, mercyful fate, meshuggah, modest mouse, mr. bungle, mullets, music, neurosis, nick cave, old metallica, pig destroyer, pink floyd, poison the well, portishead, primus, pulp fiction, quiet riot, radiohead, refused, relapse records, rush, shadow's fall, simpsons, slayer, soilent green, sonic youth, steve buscemi, stryper, swans, the doors, the mars volta, the red chord, the smiths, thursday, today is the day, tool, tori amos, unsane, uphill battle, vintage hats, wesley willis, wilco
Friends:4: any14doomsday, kidkennedy, notsoscripted, screeenname131
Friend of:4: any14doomsday, kidkennedy, notsoscripted, screeenname131
Account type:Free User

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