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Below is user information for Ox Ms.Seductive xO. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:something_more (543284)
Name: Ox Ms.Seductive xO
Website:CLoSe yOuR EyEs...
Location:Pleasantville, Massachusetts, United States
Mary Sunshine's Blurty
Twinkly Stars

Michael Forever


[1]] You must be polite, curtious, respectful and kind at ALL times.
[2]] If you would like to take one of my graphics please let me know, so I can give you the appropriate person to credit, NO STEALING!
[3]] Nothing bad about Placebo nor Molko or for that matter any other famous cross dresser, will be tolerated here, I love the guys too much to put up with any of that.
[4]] Have Fun! The more you comment in mine, the more I will participate in yours, we need everyones contribution to keep this blurty alive.
[5]] NeVeR TyPe LiKe's annoying to me as well as others, you have an education, use it.
[6]] Im an ammature at doing layouts, but I think I can handle a few requests every now and then (hint hint) so NEVER be afraid to ask if you need anything
[7]] Always add me first to your friends' list before you ask if you could be added to mine
[8]] If I do your layout, icon, or any other graphic CREDIT ME =) in either your icon keywords or userinfo.

Twinkly Stars

Twinkly StarsThe Girl Behind The Journal:: My Name is Jackie, However my friends refer to me as Kathryn, Beautiful, Zoe, Jackalacka, JJ, Trixy, Pinky & Buster. I'm caring, helpful, loyal, trustworthy, funny, a hopless romantic, dreamer, naughty but nice, seductive and interesting.

Twinkly StarsFavorites::
Food:: Tacos, ice-cream, Italian Subs, Teddy Grahams and "Stashies".
Movies:: Cruel Intentions, 2Gether, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Election, Great Expectations, Anger Managment, The Fast and The Furious, Back to The Future, The Breakfast Club & Pearl Harbor.
Songs:: Every You, Every Me, Pure Morning, Burger Queen, It's My Life, My Sherona, Glory Days, Out of Touch, Dare You To Move, Bittersweet Symphony, Never Say Never, Coffee & T.V, Dont You Forget About Me, LoveFool, Swing Swing, Calculus, The Hardest Part of Breakin Up, Say it Dont Spray it, Hang 2Gether & Visualize
Bands/Singer(s):: Placebo, 2GETHER! The Verve, Blur, Romeo Void, Bruce Springstein, Marcy Playground, Day One, All American Rejects, Eminem, Cindy Laupher, Madonna, Fatboy Slim, Counting Crows,Garbage, Goo-Goo Dolls, New Radicals, Switchfoot, Michelle Branch, Abra Moore & Simple Minds.
Color:: Red, Pink, Fushia, Black...All them "Romantic Colors"
Quote:: "Work like you dont need the money, Love like you've never been hurt and Dance like nobodys watching"
Actor/Actress:: Michael Cuccione, Jimmy Fallon, Adam Sandler, Tina Fey, Noah Bastion, Evan Farmer, Kevin Farley, Drew Barrymore, Alex S. Ryan Phillippe, Sarah Michelle Geller, Reese Witherspoon, Molly Ringwald, Mel Gibson, Marilyn Monroe, Micheal J. Fox, Paul Walker & Kevin Zegers.
T.V Shows:: Buffy, 2Gether, Room Raiders, Daria, Friends, Real World, Strawberry Shortcake, Road Rules, Newlyweds The Smurfs & Saturday Night Live.
Drink:: Vanilla Coke, Chocalate Frappe, Strawberry Smoothies and Moca Lattes
Book:: Les Laisons Dangereuses, There Are Survivors: The Michael Cuccoine Story, The Harry Potter Series, The Secret Garden, The Shining and Astrology 101

Twinkly StarsBest Piece Of Advice That I Ever Got::
"Jackie, this world is an ugly fucker, it turns on you when you least expect it, make each day worthe the battle."
Jeremy * The Cousin

Twinkly StarsSpecial Thanks::
stankersss-Contributing to the Layout Overrides :0) Love Ya
Everything Else I did myself including all the graphics, so if you like what you see, let me know ;0)

Twinkly StarsWanna Get to Know Me Better?
Queeniie Martini:: AIM SN E-mail

Twinkly StarsMichael Made By Me! LINK ME IF YOU TAKE ONE!::
The All American PimpsThats What I Call PARADISE!
NO THIS IS NOT QT! Son Of a Blitch!How Adorable!

Twinkly Stars
"Well i've never been good at history, and I dont give a crap about Robert E. Lee, but when it comes to coslines
I know a thing or two and I kicked ass on the test about ME and YOU!" - Calculus, 5Gether//2Gether

Friends:10: beinbadisgood, ducki3go3zquack, ducksfan35, huggable, limeayscene, patr0xmysh0eb0x, shirtsngloves, spilt_milk, weezerchic, _d0rky_
Friend of:20: beinbadisgood, belleicons, british_chap, ducki3go3zquack, ducksfan35, got_molko, itismylife, oogieboogiex, patr0xmysh0eb0x, rufusherbert, shirtsngloves, spilt_milk, stardust33, sweetest_sins7, weezerchic, wywoidols, xaaron_lovedx, _d0rky_, _s3xified_, __kinky__
Member of:10: buffy_fans, evenstaricons, friendsonlysign, graphix_, layouts_to_you, lollipop_awards, lovehurts, sweetxdesigns, _all_starz, _brianmolko
Account type:Free User

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