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Below is information about the "!@#$___ADViCE...)" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:someadvice (388081)

·.··SOME A DVI CE] ···· Hey everyone. This community is called someadvice. This is a place where you can just sit back, chill, ask questions, read problems, and maybe even give some advice. Whether you are dealing with a heartbreak, or you aren't sure what nail polish matches your eyes, be sure to stop by someadvice for all your shit- no matter how huge or how tiny. This community is maintained by Rachel, colour and Jen, xcurliqtyx. We'll try and give advice on every post! Even if we have different views, whatever your thing is, we'll talk about it. Any ads or anything stupid obviously be deleted.

** As of now, there are no anonymous posts, for some have abused the option. If you would like to join, get an account, and click the "join" button on top of this info page. Sorry for any inconvinience.

Memories:2 entries
Interests:119: abandoned, acting, add, add me, advice, aim, alcohol, angry, anorexia, aol, aspirations, bipolar, bitches, bored, boredom, boring, boyfriends, boys, breaking up, buddies, bulimia, business, caring, christianity, cliques, clothes, colors, computers, confidence, confused, confusion, craziness, crying, dancing, death, dreams, drugs, dying, eating disorders, email, exclusion, fall, fashion, finding yourself, friends, friendship, gay, getting advice, girls, giving advice, goals, grades, guys, hair, hardship, hate, having fun, heartbreak, help, hurt, im, instant message, internet, islam, jobs, judiasm, kissing, leaving, lesbians, life, living, looking good, losing someone, losing virginity, love, lust, make new friends, makeovers, making up, meet, meeting, money, moving, music, nail polish, other shit, overseas, pain, pals, penpals, people, relationships, religion, school, schoolwork, sex, sex tips, singing, sluts, smoking, soccer, softball, sports, spring, straight, summer, swimming, talking, teachers, teens, tips, uj, ujournal, unconfidence, vacations, virginity, web, weight, winter
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