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User:sohma (161128)
Website:Baka's Memoirs
AOL IM:gracefularcher (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Name: Sohma/Souma Hatori
Age: 27
Bloodtype: A
Horoscope: Cancer
Juunishi: Dragon (ryuu)
Occupation: Souma family doctor

Hatori is the rigid, serious, cool and collected Dragon of the 12 signs on the chinese zodiac, but is cursed with the form of a Seahorse! He is also known as the Souma family's personal doctor, and was a "child genius", according to Shigure.

Because of his ability to erase memories, he is called upon by Akito at many times to erase those who find out about the Souma family secret. Of the few times he's had to use this power, one was upon a group of Yuki's friends. They were all playing some sort of tag game by the house when one girl tripped and landed on top of Yuki, which then caused him to change. Yuki has never forgiven for that, and is still mad at him to this day.

Another time was when he was requested by Momiji's mother to erase all of her memories of her son. The other time that is mentioned is when he had to use it on the one he loved dearly... Kana.

At first, Kana was just supposed to be a doctor's assistant for Hatori at his doctor's office, but feelings were developed over time and they fell in love... a love that was ill-fated.

When Hatori and Kana approached Akito to tell him that they wanted to get married, Akito freaked out, and nearly blinded his left eye. Akito then placed all the blame on Kana... traumatizing her by telling her that it was her fault that Hatori might go blind.

As time passed, Kana slowly was torn apart by Akito's words... to a point where all she could do was cry. Because Hatori didn't want to see the one woman who melted his cold heart and brought spring into his life fade away, and after being convinced by Akito, he decided to erase all of her memories of them being together. Only he now lives with what they shared together. Kana has since gotten married with another man...

Hatori grew up with Shigure and Ayame. Ayame refers to him as "Tori-san". Shigure goes around calling him "Ha-san".

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