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User:sofia (90214)
Bio:"I don't need myself remembered; but what I help create and leave behind is important to me!" J Biafra

Interests:122: aesthetics, africa, allegory, altered states, archetypes, butoh, camping, chanting, chaos magick, christianity, civil liberties, community, comparative religion, compassion, conscience, consciousness, conversations, cooking, cooperative living, cosmology, creativity, cthulhu, decision theory, devotion, dreams, dreamtime, drumming, d├ętournement, ecstasy, empathy, enlightenment, entheogens, esoterica, ethnomusicology, eurhythmy, evolutionary psychology, fetish, franz kafka, freedom, game theory, games, gender, geomancy, gnosis, gnosticism, guerilla ontology, hatha yoga, hermetic gnosticism, history, hypnosis, i ching, integrity, intellectualism, interactive storytelling, intimacy, islam, james joyce, judaism, kabbalah, ken wilber, liberty, listening, love, meditation, memory, motivation, multiple orgasms, mythology, negotiation, neotribalism, neuro-collage, neurology, nlp, non-violence, novelty, occultism, orgies, paradigm shift, peace, perennial philosophy, performance, projective identification, propaganda, psychology, psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, reciprocal altruism, religion, ritual, ritual theater, robert anton wilson, role playing games, romanticism, rumi, runequest, science fiction, scientific method, sexuality, sgi, shamanism, silence, slack, social justice, socratic method, spirituality, storytelling, symbolism, synaptai, synapthai, synchronicity, synthesis, tantric yoga, taoism, tarot, thelema, tolerance, trance, transcendental mysticism, truth, ubiquitous assimilation, yoga, zen
Friends:6: bruja, bushwhore, cunt_conscious, debateforum, jewcrew, whoretense
Friend of:3: bruja, bushwhore, wildp
Member of:3: cunt_conscious, debateforum, jewcrew
Account type:Early Adopter

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