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Below is user information for SoCLoseToMe. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:soclosetome (129230)
AOL IM:littledoy0uknow (Add Buddy, Send Message)

height: 5'6
weight: ...
hair color: brown
eye color: blue
piercings: ears


TV show: simpsons, real world
book: go ask alice
magazine: seventeen
drink: sprite
band: duran duran, no doubt, sublime
feeling: knowing some one you love, loves you back
memory: first kiss
number: 23
movie: virgin suicides, cruel intentions
music: variety... dont wanna be labeled!


sexuality: i like guys.. mmm
have a crush: yes
been in love: yes
had a hard time getting over someone: YES
been hurt: YES!
said 'i love you' and ment it: yeah...but i guess he didnt
virgin: yes... im quite innocent.. eh sorta!
Interests:96: 311, 80's, a-ha, ac/dc, ace of base, aerosmith, audioslave, beach boys, beasty boys, beatles, black eyeliner, black socks, blondie, bob marley, bonnie tyler, burping, buzzcocks, cake, cardigans, cheerleading, chuck taylors, cindy lauper, cover songs, del taco, depeche mode, dixie chicks, doors, dramarama, ducks, duran duran, fiona apple, fire, flirting, flock ofsegulls, foo fighters, friends, going online, gossip, guys, guys in black shirts, hair straightners, hole, hot guys, hugs, incubus, johnny knoxville, kiss, led zepplin, less than jake, lighting matches, lip rings, lipgloss, lush, madonna, magazines, makeup, making out, margaritas, meril bainbridge, micheal jackson, motly crue, music, nail polish, neptunes, nirvana, no doubt, offspring, pat benatar, pharrel williams, piercings, pink floyd, police, polka dotted material, red hot chili pepers, rod stewart, shopping, sleeping, sneaking out, spending money, suicide machines, swimming, taking back sunday, talking on the phone, tanning, tattoos, the cure, the damned, the pretenders, the used, the vandals, tool, van halen, watching sad movies, wham!, when in rome, white stripes
Friends:11: bahk, catchxmyxsmile, chasinghope, dejectedemotion, lifeisaxsong, lyrics, music_whores, realfuckinmusic, socialxatrocity, xdarkxheartx, xlizzie
Friend of:5: catchxmyxsmile, chasinghope, dejectedemotion, socialxatrocity, xdarkxheartx
Member of:3: lifeisaxsong, lyrics, realfuckinmusic
Account type:Early Adopter

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