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Below is information about the "Society Views You" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:societyviewsyou (178997)  
Name:Society Views You
Website:Image Hosting
About:This community is a copy of the livejournal community "nonuglies". Yes, it's a rip off of their community, and no I don't care if they find this. I didn't choose to make this out of hatred towards them or anything like that. I made it out of curiousity.

I ndbtluver, as well as a few chosen others will run this community.

It's simple, anyone can join, anyone can watch it, anyone can post comments. You post your pictures, the people that run the community or the people who have been voted "yes" will vote "yes" or "no". This is about beauty, but also being unique, and confident. Once people get votes I or someone else in charge will let you know if you recieve the power to have your vote "count".

Don't get it? Ask questions.

It's simple! Don't be too hard on eachother. Don't be too easy either. Have fun. :)

To post a picture:

You most first host your pictures somewhere.
-Click "Image Hosting" on the main SocietyViewsYou page..or just go to cause thats where it'll take you. Then make an account, and upload pictures. Once you have uploaded pictures to the web host, click on the picture, and it will give you links. Use the one for html.
-use (img src="Insert webhost picture link here") replace ( ) with < >
-if you're going to use more than one picture, please use a text cut:
(lj-cut text="whatever you want your link saying" picture links and anything else goes here (/lj-cut) replace ( ) with < >

Creator: ndbtluver

Please keep in mind any maintainer can, at any time (if necessary) ban you from the group. If the creator, ndbtluver feels that you were unfairly banned, you will be allowed to return.


Accepted (stamped):

Interests:150: adidas, aim, airwalks, anything, aol, art, asian, baggy, beauty, bettie page, big, big booty hoez, bisexual, black, black eyeliner, blue, body, bold, boys, broke, california, cameras, cars, chatting, chicago, chinese, clean, cleanliness, clothes, clubs, cold, cologne, color, computers, concerts, confident, controversy, crazy people, curling irons, curly, cut, dance, dark, different, diversity, draw, dudes, dykes, everything, excitement, exercise, eye brows, eyes, fair, focus, fragrance, fun, gay pride, gays, girls, glasses, guys, gwen stefani, hair, hair dye, hair gel, hair spray, hate, hats, heart, homosexuals, hot, humor, image, individual, individuality, jewlery, jnco, ladies, lazy, leather, lesbian, light, lips, looks, love, makeup, markers, mascara, match, men, mexican, mix, mouth, msn, muscles, music, nails, nice, no doubt, nose, ohio, outgoing, photography, photos, pics, pictures, piercings, pop, puerto rican, red, san diego, shades, shape, shopping, short, showers, shy, skin, sleep, sleeping, small, smooth, soap, soda, sports, staind, straight, straight people, style, stylists, sweet, tall, tan, tattoos, teeth, texas, tight, toledo, trucks, tupac, tv, vanity, vans, variety, warm, white, women, yahoo, zoom
Members:113: amazingblace, amorita, angryforlife, aninfinitedream, aplus, avarice, bad_stars, bashfulboy, basketballwhore, beautiifulxx, bionic, blinded_anomie, bloody_lips, boosmygod, c0urtnee, caressings, chazrai, cloudberry, crossoutmyeyes, crysstian, cumahon, curve, daman21, deadcolour, death_by_mohawk, dildo, disavowed101, distorted_eyes, dollxlips, dramatization, elvish_smile, empire_0f_dirt, ender_, esplosione, exoticjewel, flirtt, forever_falling, foxxy_gurl2004, freakiishh, frenchid, gl0ssy_lips, glitteringlysad, glitterpimpcess, gouge_away, granolaplease, heathersfunlife, iamdarkpoetry, ifxyouxbelieve, i_smoke_tampons, jakapak, jinglytits, justan0thergirl, l0vemyem0heart, lainalaces42069, laminatedcat, lastoracle, licoricewhipped, lil_ursluutx07, llamasexmonkey, lolipopfailure, loserchild145, lose_u_again, lovelydenial, lovesonlyhope, love_you_too, lovingly, luckycb31, luckycb731, marvyjas, myhiddenlife1, ndbtluver, notezbeinggreen, ohwoeisme, oxsugarbaby22xo, psychoducky, queefer, ravenseyecandi, revelling08, rizarjay, rock_nugget, sabotai, satisfaction, sexibabygirlx, sexiilexi, shaena, shmoopy182, snowraye, sour_girl, starting, star__, storyofagirl, sugarandspykes, suisidal_baby, sweetpealisha, tbsrckshardcore, thankful_, thats_amore, thephearinside, visionofsuicide, walkingonglass, xbeautifulhate, xfatally_yoursx, xoangelox, xohsosweetx, xo_bubz_ox, xsiberiankissx, xxinnocence72xx, x_slit_x, _1987, _adorkable, _foxiiblonde, __ge0rgia, __resistance
Watched by:46: bad_stars, basketballwhore, beautiifulxx, blinded_anomie, bloody_lips, boosmygod, c0urtnee, caressings, chazrai, cumahon, curve, daman21, death_by_mohawk, distorted_eyes, dramatization, foxxy_gurl2004, glitteringlysad, glitterpimpcess, gouge_away, granolaplease, howboutnever, iamdarkpoetry, jinglytits, lainalaces42069, laminatedcat, lastoracle, lil_ursluutx07, llamasexmonkey, loserchild145, lovingly, myhiddenlife1, ndbtluver, queefer, rizarjay, sexibabygirlx, snowraye, star__, sugarandspykes, thankful_, thats_amore, xsiberiankissx, x_slit_x, _adorkable, _foxiiblonde, _moe_moe_, __resistance
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