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User:soccagrl88 (182888)
Location:Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States
AOL IM:KC6259 (Add Buddy, Send Message)

my name's kathryn.. or katie.. or 'costello' if ur cait or someone else who calls me that. um, i go to phillips academy. although i have made friends there, i still wish i was at HHS. i like someone who doesnt like me, what else is new? no one reads this... >

Interests:128: a walk to remember, abercrombie and fitch, all music, american eagle, american idol, ashlee simpson, ashton kutcher, avril lavigne, baseball, bath and body works, blink 182, blurty, bnl, book stores, boston, boston red sox, cape cod, cell phones, chad michael murray, chocolate, coca cola, coldplay, curt schilling, dave matthews band, david ortiz, denim jackets, district soccer, dodgeball, dracula, eric clapton, fall, falmouth, fire, flip-flops, florida, flowers, football, footloose, freaky friday, french fries, fuze, green day, guys who play soccer, hector zeroni, high school football games, hilary duff, hillies, holes, hooded sweatshirts, hugs, ice cream, icons, j. k. rowling, jack the ripper, james taylor, jason mraz, jazz, jeans, john mayer, johnny depp, khleo thomas, legally blonde, lillix, lindsay lohan, lip balm, listening, louis sachar, love songs, madonna, mandy moore, manhunt, manny ramirez, mlb, movies, music, my friends, my pool, nature, new england, nfl, nicholas sparks, nomar, norah jones, old orchard beach, orlando bloom, pedro martinez, people, pirates of the caribbean, pizzeria regina pizza, playing in the rain, poetry, red sox, reese witherspoon, running, rupert grint, ryan cabrera, shopping, skiing, snapple energy drinks, soccer, soccer players, spring, starbucks, sugarbush, sugarcult, summer, sweaters, t-shirts, talking, tennis, tennis camp, the ataris, the beach, the harry potter books, the loop, the mall, the notebook, the real world, the red sox, the sun, tom brady, train, vacations, vanilla coke, vintage, winter, yankees suck, yellowcard
Friends:11: brokenhart4, crazybyutiful, hottee90, liil_liz, pink_milk, pixie_shotters, prettylilgurl, sas8, xcrazy4youx, xxlil_dancerxx, xxmollyxx
Friend of:11: brokenhart4, crazybyutiful, fallxo0x, hottee90, pink_milk, pixie_shotters, prettylilgurl, sas8, xcrazy4youx, xxlil_dancerxx, xxmollyxx
Member of:5: a_make0verr, design_wonder, icons_, idiotsguide, pretty_bxtchin
Account type:Early Adopter

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