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Below is information about the "s o b r i e t y" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:sobriety (64457)  
Name:s o b r i e t y
Location:Illinois, United States
About://created January 14, 2003//

this community was created after searching and not finding and other communities dedicated to sobriety. for those of us who have gone to rehab and are now struggling with our new lives, for those of us seeking support, for those of us who have changed our lives, or are in the process of trying to, for those of us who are simply starting to think about the concept, and for anyone in any age group.

Age doesn't matter here - if you are sober, or trying to become, or struggling with it, age is nothing but a number. Everyone's difficulties are different yet somehow the same. This is a community of unity and support, as well as anything else we make it out to be. Like AA, sharing stories and lives, seeking support/advice, or just wanting to pass time is encouraged, without the strict rules or 12 steps - this is simply a community where all will be accepted no matter what their 'statistics', prefrences, or lifestyles are.
respect, support, and unity.
All are Welcome.
Interests:19: aa, advice, alcohol, all ages, alternative, alternative lifestyles, drinking, drugs, hardships, help, indiscrimination, lifestyles, na, sober, sobriety, stories, support, talk, unity
Members:6: alykat313, everythingsalie, serenitynpeace, siberian_isis, singlemalthuman, soundofmymisery
Watched by:4: alykat313, everythingsalie, serenitynpeace, soundofmymisery
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