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Below is information about the "SNL Fans" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:snl_fans (37428)
Name:SNL Fans

Welcome to the Saturday Night Live community!

Anyone can join this community, whether they are obsessed with the show, a fan of someone on the cast, or they just like the show. This community isn't centered on a specific season, either.. so if you're favorite season is 1 or 27 doesn't matter at all. There are just a few simple ground rules for joining..

1; I don't think this is the type of community where there would be a lot of disagreements, but please respect other people's opinions. Be nice.

2; If you are posting long entries or more than one picture, please use the LJ-cut tag.

3; Don't join without planning on updating at least once. You could just say "Hi I joined, I like SNL" and then you're done!

If you're bad at making introduction posts, try filling this out:

Favorite season:
Favorite all-time cast members:
Favorite current cast member:
Favorite skits:
Favorite episode/host:

Thanks again and HAVE FUN!

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Interests:10: acting, auditions, comedy, lorne michaels, saturday night live, sketch comedy, skits, snl, stand-up, writing
Members:44: antny, aspiring, babygirljade, bebad, blowyourmind, bosstones, break, catz1861, cowcrazy, cry, drawingboard, drawing_board, enchant3d, etard, explorer, famous, geekoid, gilda_farley, gothicxpleasure, iloveny, juice_box, k_renee_143, ladyyogurt, laralicious, lovesonlyhope, mariahhoney85, myusernamerules, ohnoitsjac, only_in_dreams, paulrocksmysock, puddle_of_words, qlamour, sendpainbelow, thebaffledking, timide, toxicwaste, unknownfailure, vintagesixties, xostarryeyesox, _blew, _in_bloom, _robotic, _uberhip, __echo
Watched by:12: antny, bebad, bosstones, drawing_board, enchant3d, etard, gilda_farley, iloveny, snladdiction, thebaffledking, vintagesixties, xostarryeyesox
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