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Below is user information for a boy like me. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:smultron (179384)
Name:a boy like me
Website:fuck me i've got one
Bio:this is as dead as possible.
Interests:65: 60's & 70's magazines, alkaline trio, andy warhol, belle & sebastian, black coffee, boys don't cry, bright eyes, candy darling, cursive, desaparecidos, eyeliner, fasting, fischerspooner, hair wax, hot hot heat, interpol, joy division, kerouac, kill hannah, ladytron, last days of april, marilyn monroe, massive attack, melody club, metrosexuality, mew, morrissey, my bloody valentine, nail varnish, patrick wolf, placebo, poe, pulp, qaf, radiohead, recoil, rilo kiley, sigur rós, silverchair, sinisalo, slash, songs:ohia, stripes & polkadots, suede, sugar, sunny day real estate, the ark, the black heart procession, the faint, the libertines, the moldy peaches, the radio dept., the raveonettes, the smiths, the sounds, the velvet underground, thursday, velvet goldmine, vodka, water, wilde, winter, wool mittens, yeah yeah yeahs, yup
Friends:24: 01104, astrogirl, boygenius, clear_heart, cruciverus, dark_eyeliner, etuna, jagannath, melancholyjules, melancolique, mikari, overdosebaby, peikko, popflickan, runboyrun, sisters, stellastar, tesseract__, tristesse, tuulilukko, wolfsong, yitzhak, _farah, __sunburn
Friend of:16: astrogirl, boygenius, clear_heart, cruciverus, jagannath, melancholyjules, melancolique, mikari, popflickan, runboyrun, sisters, tesseract__, tristesse, wolfsong, yitzhak, _farah
Member of:1: dark_eyeliner
Account type:Early Adopter

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