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Below is user information for hiding behind smiles. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:smion (59287)  
Name:hiding behind smiles
Website:this hospital smile
Location:guelph, ontario, Canada
Bio:i am evil and i am wrong.
i am simon... i hate simon.
Interests:113: 1 speed bike, 100 watt smile, a radio with guts, a silver mount zion, adventuring, at the drive-in, aura gold, bag, bass, bjork, blue bird, bright eyes, bumb, bush, campground effect, cat stevens, chicks on speed, dan bryk, dashboard confessional, daylikethat, dbs, de-railing theology, death cab for cutie, dinner is ruined band, don cabellaro, doom sports, drums, dune, elevator, eniac, eric's trip, foot bag, frank herbert, fugazi, godspeed you black emperor, golden lake diner, gorp, grade, grandaddy, guitar, ha, hayden, intelligent dennis, jets to brazil, julie doiron, kids in the hall, linus strike a chord, local h, mates of state, mausim, modest mouse, moneen, moon socket, mud puddles, music, nirvana, operation ivy, orange glass, other things, painted thin, pedro the lion, piano, planes mistaken for stars, poetry, pohgoh, poledo, propagandhi, purple knight, q and not u, rainer maria, reading, refused, sarah harmer, sarah something, secret stars, september 7th, sianspheric, silence death, sixty stories, son ambulance, sonic youth, soul coughing, spare snare, star light, stereolab, ten days late, texas is the reason, that dog, the ataris, the cloud, the icarus line, the ids, the inbreds, the killjoys, the lemonheads, the ludes, the microphones, the mud puddles, the rentals, the strokes, the tighties, the whitenoisewash, thrush hermit, thursday, tristan psionic, wandering aimlessly, ween, weeping tile, weezer, white star line, whycore, writing, yo la tengo
Friends:10: ambersky, attheindieshow, fallawake, her, indienerds, indieninja, justunuthurgurl, ontpunks, pooky_pon, slivovice
Account type:Early Adopter

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