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Below is user information for [love] it only hurts when I breathe. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:smarts4207 (161828)
Name:[love] it only hurts when I breathe
Location:Albany, New York, United States
AOL IM:far beyond here (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Title/Description<== ME!
Interests:149: 12 stones, 3 doors down, 80's movies, 80's songs, a perfect circle, afi, aim, albany high school, all things rock, amy lee, angels, away messages, ben moody, blink 182, brand new, brendon leonard, bright eyes, britney spears, buddy icons, cd's, cell phones, cheaper by the dozen, cheese, christmas, cold, comedy, crossgates mall, day dreams, ddr, dvd's, eating, evanescence, everwood, everytime, fairies, finch, finding nemo, fire, flowers, forever, forever 21, friendlys, friends, friends' only signs, from autumn to ashes, fun times, getting drunk, good charlotte, grind, gushers, happiness, heart break, higher ground, holding hands, hoobastank, hot topic, hugs, ill nino, jillans, joel madden, jokes, journal icons, kevin carlson, kevin james, kisses, korn, laughing, layouts, letters, level 27, linkin park, love, love songs, lyrics, make up, mall, maniac mansion, mario 3, maroon 5, mest, never been kissed, new found glory, night time, notes, ocean, p.o.d, pacsun, pat mohr, phone, pictures, pinky promises, playstation 2, pop music, punk music, quotes, rain, randomness, rejection, rick benoit, rock music, romance, romantic dinners, romantic walks, scarpbooks, seether, simple plan, skipping school, smile empty soul, smiling, sonic, staind, stars, story of the year, strawberry shortcake, sugarcult, summer, sunsets, sunshine, talking, target, team fresh, teddy grahams, teen movies, the all-american rejects, the ataris, the beach, the brendan leonard show, the butterfly effect, the early november, the juliana theory, the moon, the o.c., the wedding planner, the wedding singer, thrice, thursday, trapt, true friends, tsx, tv, twins, vacation, valentines, viva la bam, walks, water, weird science, winter, yellowcard
Friends:28: 4z0emily0z4, anarchypunk713, angelwitabong42, blackesttears77, craziedaze, crazyxriotxgirl, cutiil3al3y, dancedork, dezzys_babygirl, disturb3dx78, dream_2_believe, fullofdesire, hessodreamyx, hitormissme33, infamous_h0odz, jap, jiff426, katester, lheslin2003, lyricsnquotes_, madedork27, mxpxpunker666, one_dark_star, ricksbaby, riotgcgirl, stxbborn, toxicslave, wytecrakrjakazz
Friend of:32: 4z0emily0z4, ad0rkablepunk, anarchypunk713, angelwitabong42, benji_owns_me, blackesttears77, christyissexxxy, crazyxriotxgirl, cutiil3al3y, dancedork, deliciouspink17, disturb3dx78, dream_2_believe, drowningforyou, exhaledangel, hessodreamyx, jiff426, katester, lheslin2003, lowgurl, madedork27, mxpxpunker666, one_dark_star, oostargirloo, poopmiester, riotgcgirl, shutyoureyes, syron, twinobodywanted, wytecrakrjakazz, x1sam1x, xx_lostinli3s
Member of:2: gc_mysteries, lyricsnquotes_
Account type:Early Adopter

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