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User:slurpee (15840)
Location:Maryland, United States
Bio:working on something new.
Interests:150: 12 monkeys, 40 oz, 420, 7-11, acid, acid trips, adult swim, against all authority, aim, alcohol, alice in wonderland, american history x, animals, anomalies, anorexia, anti-capitalism, anti-flag, anti-racism, atari, autumn, bad religion, being high, bisexual, black, black flag, blow, boardwalks, body piercings, bongs, boots, boys, brak, bubblers, bulimia, cap'n crunch, cartoons, chai, chaos, cheese whiz, christmas lights, chronic, cigarettes, clockwork orange, coca cola, cocaine, coffee, coke, comedy central, comic books, cutting, david lynch, dead kennedys, death by stereo, diet pills, discworld, dr seuss, dreaming, drinking, drugs, easy mac, eating disorders, ebay, fear and loathing, ferrets, fight club, fire, foreplay, freedom of choice, freedom of speech, gameboy, ganja, ghosts, girls, green, gta3, hallucinogens, hardcore, hash, hunter s. thompson, hydro, insomnia, jhonen vasquez, jthm, kissing, lager, leftover crack, legalize, liquor, lost highway, love, lsd, maniac mansion, marijuana, meth, mosh pits, mushrooms, music, night, nintendo, nny, northern lights, opium, paint, paranormal, paranormal phenomena, philosophy, photography, piercings, pills, pixy stix, pot, propagandhi, psychedelics, pulp fiction, punk shows, rain, reefer, requiem for a dream, rollercoasters, self mutilation, sex, shows, shrooms, simpsons, sleep, sleeping pills, slurpees, smack, smoking, space ghost, speed, stanley kubrick, sublime, summer, summer nights, tattoos, the casualties, the legend of zelda, theme parks, thunder storms, toking, vegetarianism, vice city, video games, vodka, webdesign, weed, wildwood, writing, zig zags
Friends:32: aliceindream, bleach, bottomless_pit, casualxabuse, ceiling_fan, crack_whore, dismemberment, drunkenlove, fragile_fae, glitterbug, gunther, heyimamanda, imperfections, i_havesinned_, kaosgnome, killyourradio, lovinhim, misfit, naruto, nikolai, niqqa, prettyfuck, pyroschzoklepto, r0xy_, sanji, shuttup, slit_wrist, sweet_hrrt, unfoldingakemi, w0undedeyez, whiskeydrinker, xsiberiankissx
Friend of:26: bottomless_pit, ceiling_fan, crack_whore, dismemberment, drunkenlove, emptyvision, fragile_fae, glitterbug, gunther, hyte, i_havesinned_, junkie_november, kaosgnome, lovinhim, naruto, nikolai, niqqa, prettyfuck, pyroschzoklepto, r0xy_, slit_wrist, sweet_hrrt, unfoldingakemi, w0undedeyez, whiskeydrinker, xsiberiankissx
Member of:4: arizona_love, drugfreaks, simpsons4eva, surveysluts
Account type:Early Adopter

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