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Below is user information for Booty Girl. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:slimshadee (32679)
Name:Booty Girl
Location:Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States
Song:Currently ((Screamer x GC)) ((The Innocent x GC, MEST, GOLDFINGER))
Band:Good Charlotte<3 x Garbage x Vendetta Red
Solo Artist:umm .. Pink?
TV Show:i dont watch too much TV... Osbournes?
Movie:Little Nicky
Actor:Adam Sandler?
Commercial:THE PECO ONE! "Proud supporters of plastic snowmen everywhere"
Class in school:Broadway Musical without a doubt and World Cultures
Person you know:eak i cant list them all are you crazy? but i especially lub tara cos im on the fone with her and kate cos i was on the fone with her earlier
Car:i wants a yellow Porsche Boxster with a custom leather interior and a nice sound system.. and twin turbo... i could go on forever..
Channel:uh? mtv or mtv2 whichever is actually playing music
Store:i like American Eagle cos its got those kickass camera things
Restuarant:Cheesecake Factory
Thing to do:zone out in my room
Color:red or pink ((like allie's hair!!))
Type of person:honest, funny, sincere
Month:umm October.. and June
Board Game:clue?
Card Game:donkey!
Computer Game:ermm? the sims?
Video Game:GTA VC.. killing people is fun
Name for a boy:i like the name josh and mike
Name for a girl:desiree <33 and any journal site

[most annoying...] brought to you by BZOINK!

My IM is

aSHLeY * aLeX * aMaNDa

yooo this is my public journal<33

add me & comment, ill add back
Interests:84: aerosmith, alex, anti-avril, anti-britney, being a bad girl, being a bitch, being a freak, being dumb, being evil, black, blink182, bon jovi, boxcar racer, boys, brandy, chasing amy, cheese, chris, chrissy, christina aguilera, clerks, cuties, d 12, d12, dogma, dogs, eminem, garbage, good charlotte, green day, guns and roses, hot guys, hot topic, ice cream, jay and silent bob, jimmy eat world, joi, kate, leonard whiting, lords of acid, make up, making people mad, mallrats, mandi, marshall mathers, mike, milla jovovich, money, monkeys, mood rings, mp3s, nathan mathers, nfg, nirvana, no doubt, nyquil, october, pennsylvania, rahzel, rain, rammstein, saves the day, scaring little kids, sexy men, shirley manson, simple plan, skateboarding, skater boys, slim shady, snow, snowboarding, something corperate, south park, spanking, tara, the all-american rejects, the hives, the offspring, the osbournes, the used, the vines, tokyo ghetto pussy, triple a battery, weezer
Friends:43: addicted__, als123188, anamecame, baglesareyummy, boo12, cheergurl, courtie, dedicated__, dharmakin, dressed_2_kill, duker, eminemsbaby, emogirlsbadday, fuck_authority, germanygirl53, idontheartyou, jehnee, jojoontheradio, kelz89, lexigrl, lyricallycrazed, madelady, michee, michey_moo, mightyme53, minkymonky, mizz_racherz, nikki90, ouch_ified, perpetualmotion, pinkpoo, rubyriotsoho, shaunguy, slimshadee, stickybun580, strawberii_baby, sus, tastetheblood, vynara, xomaddiemoox, xwhiterabbitx, xx_jen_xx, _babi_gurl_
Account type:Early Adopter

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