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Below is user information for ashley. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:slimette (137100)
Location:seffner, Florida, United States
AOL IM:euphoricxdesires (Add Buddy, Send Message)

basic info :::
ashley [aka slimette, poser gerbil, ash-a-ley] ::: 17 ::: dark brown/auburn hair ::: ~95lbs ::: grey-ish green eyes ::: with chris [slime] ::: SENIOR at brandon high ::: caucasian ::: Roman Catholic ::: thespian

Standings :::
YES, i do believe in and love God ::: i wear what i want ::: listen to what i like ::: love people ::: embrass the fact that i'm referred to as a poser ::: don't care what "group" anyone is in, i love all

I enjoy :::
music ::: movies ::: web design ::: acting ::: dancing ::: not caring ::: being myself ::: chris :::: trying new things ::: laughing ::: deep conversations ::: being slimey ::: singing by myself ::: shopping ::: painting ::: ranting ... etc.

other :::

i run poser_graphics along w/ reenie

i've claimed :::
adoptacharacter - aurora from sleeping beauty & crysta from ferngully
claimasong - lacuna coil's heaven's a lie & cold heritage, sleeping beauty's once upon a dream, hypocrisy's slippin' away, and staind's epiphany
claims - chris cooke
claim_a_hottie - joey jordison
wordclaims - slime
claimavocalist - ville valo
xmovieclaims - pirates of the caribbean [i <3 johnny]

aim -- euphoricxdesires

aol -- theSLIMEtte


Interests:145: 40 below summer, 6 feet under, acoustic, acting, adema, afi, alice in chains, american headcharge, amy brown, anal blast, ballet, benji madden, billy idol, biohazard, black, black metal, black nailpolish, brian froud, cannibal corpse, carebears, chester bennington, chicken sacrificing, children of bodom, christina scabbia, church, circle of dust, coal chamber, coldplay, coloring, cradle of filth, crossbreed, dancing, daria boots, darling violetta, dashboard confessional, death, deftones, dimmu borgir, disney, doom metal, dope, down, drawing, dream theater, dredg, duran duran, dying fetus, emily, enya, evanescence, faeries, fear factory, fenix-tx, further seems forever, gathering, getting drunk, god, godhead, good charlotte, goth, goth guys, goth metal, grey daze, grimlins, hatebreed, heavy eye makeup, hello kitty, him, hot guys, hot topic, jack off jill, jazz, jesus, joel madden, joey jordison, kidneythieves, kittie, korn, lacuna coil, lady and the tramp, lamb of god, linkin park, living dead dolls, living sacrifice, lollipop lust kill, lyrical, manson, metal, mighty mouse, modern, moonspell, morbid angel, mortician, mudvayne, my dying bride, my ruin, new wave, nightmare before christmas, opeth, orange, orgy, ozzy, painting, pantera, pepsi, pink, pound puppies, pound purries, punk guys, purple, rasputina, red, rob zombie, robin hood, rubber bracelets, s&m, self mutilation, sepultura, sisters of mercy, skull and crossbones, slayer, sleeping beauty, slipknot, soad, soulfly, southpark, speed metal, spikes, spineshank, staind, static-x, switchblade symphony, tap, tenderheart, the all-american rejects, the scorpions, thrash metal, tinkerbell, tura satana, type o negative, venom, ville valo, white zombie, wizard of oz, yellow
Friends:22: 80s_chic_feli, bethibaybee, boomerbabie, brokendarkwings, cemetary_slut, damn_im_cute, demongg6, eaterofcorpses, explicit6, fetisha, halo_of_ravens, im_nostalgia, killmequick, melicia, minimike, mizziie, punk_rock_poser, reenie, tarheels118721, thespian_chick, x_insecure_x, __blurry__
Friend of:12: brokendarkwings, demongg6, eaterofcorpses, halo_of_ravens, im_nostalgia, irresistable_me, minimike, plastikxhearts, thespian_chick, xneedlex, x_insecure_x, __blurry__
Member of:16: adoptacharater, claimasong, claimavocalist, claims, claim_a_guitar, claim_a_hottie, community_ads, cutmeintopieces, heartagram, icon_makers, layoutwhore, poser_graphics, sweet_melissa_, thespianfun, word_claims, xmovieclaims
Account type:Early Adopter

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