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Below is user information for Raquel-Josephine. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sleepybunnyrjc (59508)
Website:nsyncline {dot} com
Location:Rochester, New York, United States
AOL IM:mysterylirson (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:Dreamgirlrjc (Add User, Send Message)
Bio:my life is right now a mess but fun ride. lol wanna join? *sighs* i'm a senior in hgh school, watching my family slowly slip off the war, may god keep them safe. my boyfriend is now BIRAN who may be the sweetest guy in the world. he is definately a best friend and a wonderful man *grins*. my best friend list has changed a little. Shaunna, Josh, Michelle, Brian, Sarah, Ryan, Alex, Brynn, Serena, and Roxy are definately my family lol.

RPG's have gone crazy. i'm usually online so i can escape my sister and just be myself... yeah long story but home life sucks a lot, getting worse day by day.

music is my life still, along with movies and writing and well, right now i have five blinking aim Messages so i'll shorten this. if you really wanna talk then let me give you my SN list for aim.

1 - MysteryLirson
2 - MountMeAdam
3 - DreamGirlRJC
4 - HeavenlyDunster
5 - KayDunstKiki
6 - DunsterKirsten
7 - SleepyBunnyRJC
8 - DunstGirl01
9 - RideMeJames
10 - LirsonBabyDoll
11 - C panda Kel
12 - BabyDollRJC
13 - xxxriderxstrongx
Interests:31: being creative, being real, boys, college, communications, day dreaming, family, flirting, friends, fun, future, graduation, hockey, john mayer, joking, laughing, movies, multi-media, music, nsync, poncho, pouting, reading, rpg, school, sex lol, sicky, sleep, sleeping, train, writing
Friends:53: adam_mount, aeatticusplaya, af_jl, a_schull, berb1189, brandon_lirson, caroline_lirson, cynicalferris, czduersh, dan_lirson, dunster, dunsterkiki, dunsterkirsten, dunstgirl, dunstgirl01, dunstgurl, dunst_chasez, dunst_me_kiki, firestingraquel, fire_sting, fire_sting_fan, foreverisnomore, gcgirlbritt, geep, heavenlydunst, jarule112003, karen_lirson, kaydunster, kaydunstkiki, kay_c_dunst, kay_dunst, kikidunstkay, kiki_dunster, kim_lirson, l7nd9n, lirsongirl, lirson_brandon, lirson_dani, l_a_n_d_o_n, markish, p_panda, rcl, rosalynn_lirson, sand_dune, schull_lirson, schull_me, sexydunst, sexy_kiki, shaunna, sleepybunnyrjc, sleepy_moomoo, terri_lirson, usa_iraq
Friend of:16: aeatticusplaya, af_jl, askabby4help, babydollcruz, berb1189, cynicalferris, czduersh, geep, jarule112003, l_a_n_d_o_n, markish, riotgirlroxy, sand_dune, shaunna, sleepybunnyrjc, sleepy_moomoo
Member of:5: community_ads, fire_sting, rpg_central, rpg_promote, usa_iraq
Account type:Early Adopter

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