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Below is user information for Kamikazi Jackalope. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:skunk1039 (88161)
Name:Kamikazi Jackalope
Website:LJ, in case you like that more...
Location:Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
AOL IM:Mmm Potatoz (Add Buddy, Send Message)
This is me..
[I'm the rastafarian]
My name is Summer.
I'm just a little
introverted, passionate
loving, absolutely insane
[wannabe] journalist/photographer/painter
badass tuba-player
lover of quad-players
music, books & movies
friends & family.
Comment on a public post
[but only if you're still interested].

Memories:57 entries
Interests:150: a clockwork orange, a perfect circle, about a boy, alice in chains, almost famous, amanda, amelie, american beauty, american history x, art, being a changeling, being everyone's chauffer, belts, billie joe, biting, blondie, bondage, brad pitt, buying books and dvds, cake, cameras, camping, candle light, caroline, chains, chillage, chris bagley, chris branam, coal chamber, collages, collecting posters, collective soul, colors, concerts, cuddling, dead kennedys, denise, dimly lit rooms, disco biscuits, dogs, donnie darko, dreaming, driving stick, dry humping, dumbo, ear rings, eye liner, eyes, fight club, fighting mediocrity, flirting, frogs, giggling, glass bowls, green, green day, grunge, high fidelity, holding hands, iguanas, individualism, industrials, interview with the vampire, introspectivism, janis joplin, jason freels, jim morrison, journalism, kate, kissing, kurt cobain, labret piercings, lauren beller, layne staley, led zeppelin, leigh, less than jake, love, marching band, maroon, mars volta, martin, mike dirnt, milkshakes, modest mouse, mosh pits, movies, mudvayne, my tuba family, nick day, night sky, nirvana, ocd, operation ivy, paint, painting, peanut butter, phish, photos, piercings, pinhead gunpowder, pink floyd, potatoes, punk shows, rachel, radiohead, rancid, reading, rearranging, red shoes, requiem for a dream, ripped jeans, robert plant, same sex marriage, screeching weasel, seth wade, seven, silver, silverchair, singing, sitting, slc punk, smoking pot, smoothies, stars, staying busy, sublime, techno, that 70's show, the beatles, the clash, the doors, the living end, the pretenders, the red elvises, the strokes, things that glow, thunderstorms, tongue rings, tool, touching, tre cool, trust, tuba, vampyres, vanilla scented, widespread panic, will & grace, writing, yelling while driving
Friends:22: aliceinchains, aphelia, arsenicponi, ayapap, brambledfairy, celtgurl, erbana, goomah, inaudible, loubellerina, melikeketchup, missmoocowcow, nekokage, noire, skunk1039, sparticus, squishymcman, thenameisnerak, tropicalfishi, twiztidninjalo, wrong_emphasis, xv8crisis
Friend of:31: adamthecoolone, annerbell05, an_empty_twist, aphelia, arsenicponi, ayapap, bloodnwhiskey, brambledfairy, broken_wingz, celtgurl, closexy0urxeyes, erbana, ernesto, eyem_twist, goomah, hereisnowhy, iambacon, inaudible, lilmandapie, loubellerina, melancholyroses, missmoocowcow, nekokage, noire, skunk1039, sparticus, squishymcman, stupendous_man, thenameisnerak, twiztidninjalo, __juggalette
Member of:1: aliceinchains
Account type:Early Adopter

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