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Below is user information for Deo. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:skoona (915265)
Interests:144: aliens, almost famous, arm wrestling, bad 80's movies, basketball, batman, beck, before sunrise, being a humongous dork, big lebowski, bill murray, bill simmons, blackjack, boobs, boogie nights, booty, breakdancing, breaking hearts, brief nudity, broken lizard, butter pecan ice cream, cameron crowe, carolina, cartoons, chapel hill, charlie kaufman, cheese, chicago, chipmunks, coke, comedy central, comics, competitive dancing, conan o'brien, conspiracy theories, cows, cussing, daily show, dane cook, dave eggers, david fincher, death cab for cutie, dodgers, donuts, dvds, elisha cuthbert, family guy, farms, fight club, fletch, freaks and geeks, frisbee golf, goonies, goth, gummi bears, gwen stefani, hamsters, he-man, hiking, hilton sisters, hollywood, hooded sweatshirts, humor, ice cream, idina menzel, in and out, inappropriate touching, jessica alba, jesus, jogging, john cusack, john hughes, journey, karaoke, karate, karma, kevin smith, led zeppelin, los angeles, magnolia, midgets, modest mouse, molly ringwald, moonshine, movies, mtv, new orleans, nkotb, non-alcoholic beer, olsen twins, ozma, paul thomas anderson, peanut butter captain crunch, perfectionism, photography, ping pong, pirates, pixies, pizza, playboy, porn, producing, punk rock, puppies, purple rain, racquetball, rad, radiohead, real world, rent, richard linklater, rilo kiley, rollercoasters, rolling stones, sarcasm, saturday night live, scrubs, sesame street, sex, simpsons, skinnydipping, sopranos, spinning, steven soderbergh, strip poker, sunset boulevard, superman, sushi, swingers, takeout, tarheels, the cure, the o.c., the onion, the south, theater, top gun, tractors, tv, twister, underwater basketweaving, vegas, vince vaughn, vinyl records
Friends:1: t0weringpisa
Friend of:1: t0weringpisa
Account type:Free User

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