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Below is user information for I can't take much more.... If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:skitz0frenic (488328)
Name:I can't take much more...
Website:Through My Eyes.. All Is Grey
AOL IM:x empty stars (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Interests:140: acting stupid, aim, animals, anti-social, aol, atticus, barbed wire, bat thumb, black, black eyeshadow, blades, blair thumb, blood, bored, bothering, bracelets, broken, burning, burns, cameras, chains, crutches, crying, daria, dead flowers, dead roses, donnie darko, dorks, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dreams, dynamite, eating, edgar allan poe, emo, empty,, eyes, falling, finch, fire, flames, florida, food, friends, frowning, fun, glassjaw, goldfinger, gorillaz, gray, grey, guys, hands, harassing, homestar runner,, hoobastank, horses, hyper, internet, invader zim, jets to brazil, jimmy eat world, juliana theory, jumping off bridges, knives, labyrinth, laughing, laughter, less than jake, lightning, linkin park, monkeys, music, nightmare before christmas, nightmares, photography, pictures, pizza, plaid, plastic, pod, poerty, poetry, punk, rain, random stuff, razors, reel big fish, riding, roses, rufio, sarcasm, shopping carts, shy, silver, sleeping, slicing, slick shoes, smiling, smirking, souls, stars, steve oedekerk, straight edge, strong bad, stupid, sugarcult, taking back sunday, tears, the ataris, the brendan leonard show, the calling, the cheat, the fifth element, the godthumb, the movielife, the sims, the used, thrice, thumbation, thumbatrix, thumbs, thumbtanic, thunder, thunder storms, thursday, tombstones, trapt, tripping, tv, video cameras, walking, weirdos, wings, winter, wishing, writing.
Friends:2: draggedthislake, freakme
Member of:1: freakme
Account type:Free User

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