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Below is user information for Dave + Jesika. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:skateboarding (36917)
Name:Dave + Jesika
Bio:I'm Dave. I suck. The end.
I'm Jesika. I'm hot. The end.
Interests:70: 2fast2furious, 4 wheeling, adam brody, animation, animation shop, anti avril, black, blood, burger king, cars, cheering, chicken, cold, cool stuff, creed, deadjournal, default, evanescense,, food, ford, fries, girls, grunge, honda, jack off jill, kittie, layouts, limp bizkit, making icons, marilyn manson, maroon 5, metal, money, mp3, mudvayne, mustangs, nfg, nin, nitrous, our lady peace, pepsi, pictures, psp, psp7, puddle of mudd, red, red hot chilli peppers, rob zombie, rock, ruby red squirt, saves the day, shopping, skateboarding, sledding, snowboarding, socialburn, soda, street racing, sugar cult, summer, system of a down, tennis, the all american rejects, the exies, tool, toyota, tv, twix, white zombie
Friends:38: 0ffensive, angrynerd, bloodyhandzx, box, date_rape, dildo, fish_soup, gingersnapz, grief, groupie, iamskaweo, iconxmakers, ithinkimdayna, i_love_to_riot, kissmyass420, lekiez_hoe, lildefekt, lip_gash, little_defect, lost_emotiions, lozerfreek, luckystar, luckystars, meggieness, midgetporn, n0t_y0ur_star, nerdtastic, neverheardofit, obscene_amy, rissy1214, serialthrilla02, shortshiixt, stiffies, stimonii, sweet_ashley, urges, verbalgunfight, _vague
Friend of:22: angrynerd, brians_engel, drwningnadydrm, fish_soup, gingersnapz, grief, iamskaweo, i_love_to_riot, lekiez_hoe, lost_emotiions, luckystars, n0t_y0ur_star, neverheardofit, obscene_amy, parentladvsry, rissy1214, serialthrilla02, shortshiixt, stimonii, sweet_ashley, verbalgunfight, _vague
Member of:1: community_ads
Account type:Early Adopter

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