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Below is user information for Ashley. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sk8erpunk889 (132277)  
Location:...The Best Place In The World..., Florida, United States
Bio:hey i am tall n can be really nice alot of the time!

About Me:

My Name Is Ashley
[Im Fourteen Yearz Old]
I Live In Jacksonville FL
[My Best Friend is Kalina]My 2nd BFFL Is Shannon
[I Like Talkin On Phone -*- Comp.]
My Life Is Usually Boring As Hell!
[AIM Name-sk8erpunk81589]

Interests:95: 7th heaven, aim, alloy magazine, alternative music, angels, animals, art, basket ball, beach, being with friends, bestfriends, blurty, body boarding, brownies, bubbles, candles, candy, cats, cell phone, charmed, cherries, chinese food, chocolate, christmas, clothes, coca-cola, communities, compters, concerts, converses, cotton candy, creativity, cupcakes, day dreaming, everwood, florida, freaks, french fries, friends, good charlotte, gothic stuff, happiness, hardcore music, horses, hot topic, hott guys, ice cream, icons, insanity, journals, kitties, korn, laughing, letters, linkin park, lolliepops, lyrics, makeup, money, movies, msn, mtv, nfg, nofx, painting, phone, photography, pizza, poems, poetry, punk music, punks, quotes, rain, rancid, shopping, simple plan, sk8ers, skateboarders, skateboarding, sleeping, stars, stuff, sugarcult, sum 41, swimming, system of a down, talking, tanning, teddy bears, vanilla coke, warm showers, writing, yahoo, zoos
Friends:11: alienntfarmgirl, blondechick, dramatized0, hiphopluv489, kornfriek, lilkendy, myhappinessfish, toxicityzed, un_loved, xodreamox, _lipqloss
Friend of:10: alienntfarmgirl, blondechick, dragonzstar, dramatized0, hiphopluv489, myhappinessfish, toxicityzed, un_loved, xodreamox, xstylishx
Member of:8: 904, aimicons, blurtymakeovers, hugz_n_kisses, iconrequests, iconznstuff, sugarcult, _allaboutme_
Account type:Early Adopter

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