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User:singingforyou (929235)
Location:Casselberry, Florida, United States
Bio:Who am I?
Hey guys! I love to sing do anything with music. I am in four of the five choirs at my college, and I love it. I am also in the College Park Ward Choir at my church. I love to hang out with friends. :)

Toxic Audio rocks my socks!!!!!

Jesus said unto him, thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart; and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

I was recently baptized in September, and I absoultly love it! I currently live in Casselberry, Florida. My best friend and I hope to be moving to Utah in June so we can attend BYU together. That will be amazing. I am almost done with my reading of the Book of Mormon, I am tryign to get it done by the end of the year. :)
Interests:141: 80's music, a capella, aa degree, aim, alto, american pie, babies, babysitting, baptism, beaches, beatles, being crazy, book of mormon, boys, bridal showers, broadway, byu, candlelight processional, capris, cars, casselberry ward, chastity, chatting, cheesecake, choir, chorus, christmas, church, city walk, classical music, coffee, college, concert chorale, dancing, dancing to no music, date night, dating, dressing down, dressing up, driving, duets, ella fitzgerald, faith, family, family home evening, fireside, florida, florida keys, friends, girls night out, gordon b. hinkley, gospel, gospel choir, halloweeen, happiness, harry potter, health, heaven, holy bible, holy ghost, hymns, ice skating, jesus, jet skiis, john stamos, johnny depp, joseph smith, latter-day saints, lds, life, love, madrigals, make-up, manhattan transfer, me!, mezzo-soprano, missionaries, money, mormon, motets, movie night, movies, mozart, music, music education major, music major, musicals, oldies, opera, paul simon, performing, photography, photos, picture phones, playgrounds, pontoon boats, pretty dresses, profit, receptions, recitals, relief society, roller coasters, rollerskating, sacrament, sarcasm, saturday night live, saw, saw ii, scented candles, scrapbooking, scripture study, scriptures, seann william scott, seminole community college, shopping, shorts, show choir, singing, singing in italian, sister missionaries, skirts, sleeping, smiling, smirnoff ice green apple, solo, soprano, stickers, sunday school, swingsets, talking on the phone, tank tops, temples, testimony, the ten tenors, toxic audio, turtle necks, utah, valentines day, vocal jazz, voice lessons, weddings
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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