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Below is user information for kirsten. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sinfulstars (13207)  
Website:My Main Journal
Location:medford, New York, United States
AOL IM:gilliganismypimp (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Yahoo! ID:sweetkittie87 (Add User, Send Message)
MSN Username:kirsten11387
Bio:read this

I'm Anti-Normal.
I suffer from [bruised emotions]
adorable dorks are adorkable

full name: kirsten amanda barbosa
nicknames: care bear, boo boo,loser, vil, silly goose who chases the mooses!
age: fifteen
sex: female.
location:medford,new york
boy: sad...
eyes: green,brown (yes...i do have contacts, but in the summer they turn a greenish-brown naturally)
hair: dying it red again!
piercings: regular earings, bellybutton,getting tongue again!
tall: 5'2"
fav. song:jacob thinks i'm gay-allister and any songs i've downloaded by movielife
fav. movie:american history x, pi, requiem for a dream, billy madison
fav. sport: is sex a sport? sleeping...
fav. food: sushi!
fav music: punk, political chaos, street, oi.... yum (i know political and chaos contradict each other.)
Interests:42: aim, art deco, avalanches, badly drawn boy, blue's clues, boys, carebears, cartoons!, daft punk, drawing, drums, eating, fairies, fairys, freaks and geeks, free design, gay guys, girls, jokes, journaling, journals, lesbians, local bands, lounge, love, mouse on mars, music, my bloody valentine, new york, painting, photography, pixies, poems, punk, reading, second hand clothes, singing, sleeping, suicide, the virgin suicides, user pics, writing
Friends:26: daddyslildefect, fallenstars, feistyfaerie, feistykittie, funshinebear, gasp_imnot18, gillyismypimp, iamkir, iheartyou, im_bi, ithoughtso, kirbear, kirstenluvsu, kirstenrocks, kirswhore, kungfookittie, loser_me, mommyluvsme, nybumpunk, ohbabyohbaby, playfulkittie, rockmysocks, rottenobscurity, trixrabbitt, whoreallycares, xemogirlx
Friend of:2: gillyismypimp, xemogirlx
Account type:Early Adopter

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