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Below is user information for guilty mistress. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:simplypeachy (306003)
Name:guilty mistress
AOL IM:sassysweetie14 (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:my name is becca. i've hardly been called rebecca, only by my dad and some teachers. i would consider myself outgoing, however i'm quiet in school. i am an optimist, to the fullest. i live my life in the moment, and have yet to regret any thing i've done. i like to look back on my memories and smile, and even laugh to myself. i am not very organized. but i can be neat. i take quick showers and right before i get out, i turn the water all the way cold, just because it feels exhilerating. i'm good at school. i have only gotten one 'B' my entire life, and it was a 'B+' in gym in 7th grade. i failed my yoga test. i do not like people to label me 'smart' and i'm easily embarassed. i get aggravated when my feet fall asleep. i can't remember ever eating dinner alone. i'm very close with my family. my parents are divorced. i'm glad. they were not meant to be. i do believe in love at first sight, but have yet to fall in love. sometimes i drink and sometimes i smoke. i know how to have fun. i love to run. it clears my mind. i like to wear mascara because i have blonde eyelashes, and if i don't, it looks like i have none. i crack my knuckles and my back. i have a million different laughs. i am not good at impressions. i used to bite my nails. somehow i stopped. i do not like to use the word 'hate.' it's too strong for me. i am not very religion based, but i do believe. i am opposed to those who do not accept differences. differences are the key to life. i like to write poetry, but am not very good. i am musically inclined. i have a knack for instruments, but i cannot sing. i have several best friends, each one as good as the next. i need friends to survive. i dislike potato salad and anything involving mayonnaise. i won a spelling bee. i like movies that make me laugh out loud. i like movies that make me cry. i enjoy laughing until my abs hurt. i would like to learn how to ride a motorcycle sometime in life. i have no idea what i plan on doing later in life. i want to get married and start a family. i want a tattoo of a clover near my pelvic bone. i have my eyebrow and belly button pierced. just because i do. i try not to follow trends. i try to be unique. i think i don't care what anyone thinks about me, but inside i really do. i'm scared to lose a loved one. i live for natural highs. i like songs that remind you of things you've done in life. i like songs that can bring you to tears. i am not illerate, and i'm a good speller. i am left handed and very accident prone. i have knobby elbows. i get nauseated from cigarette smoke. i like to sit on my roof. i like fireworks. i like the feeling when you first kiss a boyfriend. i am attracted to the 'bad boy' type. my house has never caught on fire and i have been in a tornado. i hate the idea of moving. i like standardized tests. freezey pops make me happy. when i grow up, i want to have a house with a balcony. i wish i could dance like no one was watching. i like to memorize lines from movies. my phone number is really easy to remember. i get excited at carnivals. i plan on graduating college. i am allergic to nothing. i sleep a lot. i'm bad at styling hair. i have a scar on my lip because i got bit by a dog in 5th grade. i believe everything happens for a reason. i would not trust someone who doesn't kiss me with their eyes closed. i make mistakes.
Interests:143: 14, a static lullaby, afi, alkaline trio, all-american rejects, allister, assorted jellybeans, band-aids, baths, bob marley, bonfires, boys, brand new, bright eyes, british films, bros before hoes, candles, carnivals, catch 22, cheesy 80's movies, chi-town, chicago cubs, chocolate covered bananas, club music, conan o'brien, concerts, cotton candy, count the stars, crowd surfing, cubs, cursive, dashboard confessional, drinking, drooling, dropkick murphys, duct tape, element 101, emo, escalators, fall out boy, fight club, finch, foo-fighters, food, fred durst, freezy pops, friends, frozen grapes, fruits, further seems further, fuzzy things, green day, h2o, handsome devil, hemp, hidden in plain view, home grown, hoodies, hot cocoa, hugs, iron chef, jewelry, kyle farnsworth, led zeppelin, less than jake, little league, local h, local shows, lollipops, love at first sight, lucky boys confusion, marshmellows, massages, mest, midtown, minor threat, movielife, mxpx, nail clippers, never ending story, never heard of it, ninjas, nintendo 64, nirvana, nitetime, old nickelodeon shows, oldies hits, oompa loompas, pajamas, piercing people, piercings, puddles, punk, purple people eaters, rage against the machine, recycling, riddlin' kids, rock, rooney, rufio, rx bandits, s'mores, s.t.u.n., saves the day, say anything, seann william scott, senses fail, sex pistols, sexing, silverchair, ska, skanking, smashing pumpkins, smiles, snl, something corporate, sparta, spray paint, stand by me, stove top, sugarcult, system of a down, taking back sunday, talk shows, target, tattoos, the ataris, the beautiful mistake, the color pink, the doors, the early november, the rolling stones, the starting line, track, trombones, velcro, vr troopers, weezer, willy wonka, writing letters, yoga, yougurt, zippers
Friends:9: alfador, dee_hearts_sp, gorf_krebleu, leftmespinning, malenkaya, ole_boloni, stayxxwithxxme, x_dejayou, _emostar_
Friend of:14: addictedx, alfador, cinnamonxspider, dee_hearts_sp, flipflopjunky, gorf_krebleu, leftmespinning, malenkaya, ole_boloni, stayxxwithxxme, vaguestar, x_dejayou, x_purplestarz_x, _emostar_
Account type:Free User

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