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User:silverowl (72938)
Name:73|-| 51|\/
Location:New York, United States
Bio:Hullo! This journal is friends-only. If you'd like to know more about me (for now), try to decipher something from my crazy interests. If you add me, I will most likely add you back. I'm a friendly sort, for the most part. :)
Interests:150: 'allo 'allo, a elbereth gilthoniel, animals, are you being served?, art, astrology, being barefoot, being decent, being lazy, being odd, biking, blackadder, blogs, bohemian, books, britcoms, british accents, british comedy, british spelling, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, celtic culture, celtic music, chef!, chicken run, chocolate, classical music, comfort hobbits, confusticate and bebother, courage, crying while watching braveheart, curly hair, dancing randomly, david the gnome, drawing, dreaming, dreams, earth, elanor, eleventy-one, enya, family, fellowship of the ring, florida, forests, fotr, fresh air, friends, frodo, frodo baggins, frogo, gaelic, good music, grey weather, guardians of the unicorns, harry potter, hiking, hobbit at heart, hobbit children, hobbitish, hobbits, hobbitses, horseback riding, horses, hot sauce, illustration, imagination, inside jokes, keeping up appearances, languages, laughing, lesbian, living, lord of the rings, lotr, love, loyalty, m*a*s*h, manga, mathoms, middle-earth, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, mr. bean, muses, music, my girlfriend, my last name, nature, new age, not analyzing poetry, oldies, owls, painting, peace, plaid, procrastinating, razor scooters, reading, redwall, renaissance festivals, return of the king, rosie cotton, rotk, rpgs, sailor moon, samwise gamgee, sarcasm, scotland, scottish accents, seeking religion, silly jigs, silver, singing in the kitchen, singing randomly, sixpence none the richer, solace, spryng, star trek, star trek: next gen, star trek: voyager, star wars, swimming, tartan, tatu, the beatles, the emperor's new groove, the frodo chicken dance, the happy "fcd", the holy hand grenade, the penguin just exploded, the shire, the silmarillion, the thin blue line, the three stooges, the two towers, the vicar of dibley, tigers, tolkien, tori amos, ttt, unicorns, waiting for god, walking around barefoot, wallace and gromit, whose line, will and grace, willow and tara, zucchini bread
Friends:7: badboy84, chaos_theory, crashtimesthree, lazlobiro, mightypineapple, slashyone, the_romantic
Friend of:5: chaos_theory, crashtimesthree, mightypineapple, pyrokinetic, slashyone
Member of:1: the_romantic
Account type:Early Adopter

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