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Below is information about the "Si-Gawa High School" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:sigawa_high (385074)
Name:Si-Gawa High School
Website:Maintainer's Blurty
Location:Tokyo, Japan
About:IC Posts go into the sigawa_high blurty, OOC Posts go into the sigawa_high_ooc blurty.

School Information

Students do not have to wear a uniform, they may wear whatever they wish.

There is one dormitory building, the girls are on the left side, the boys are on the right.

Each dorm consists of a small kitchen, bathroom (with shower, bathtub, toilet, etc.), small living room (to put a small couch and TV in, etc.), bedroom (consists of two beds, one on each side of the room), there also is room to put a shelf or dresser.

Students are allowed to leave campus from 4:00 to 6:30 each evening and any time on school days (weekdays). But of course, many outside activities take place later on, so students have to sneak out. It's ok, it's just a rule, everyone abuses it!^^

Classes start every morning at 8:00. Lunch is from 12:00-1:00. Classes end at 4:00. There are seven periods a day.

Final Fantasy High School also provides sports. These sports available are boys and girls basketball, football, baseball, co-ed soccer, swimming, track and field, tennis, badminton, softball, wrestling.

Students recieve mail through the main office. As a student, you may pick up any mail there. Each student is given an e-mail address if needed.

Curfew for lights out is 11:00. On weekends, curfew is unlimited. If students abuse the privledge, the opportunity will be taken away. Curfew does not literally mean 'lights out', just do not leave your room and do not disturb others.

Boys are not allowed in the girls dormitories and girls are not allowed in the boys dormitories. If a written permission from a school official is shown to the dormitory counselor in the lobby, admittance will be allowed. And for this rule also, everyone abuses it. ;)

Campus Guide

Dormitory Building
Boys (right side)
Girls (left side)

Main Hall

Food Court (Cafeteria)
Survival Shop (From Toothpaste to Macaroni & Cheese, we have everything!)
Dance Club (Occasional Dances are held here)
Theatre (Plays and concerts are held here)
'Fantasytic' Restaurant (The school's restaurant)
Library (Um...pretty straight forward here...)
Pool (Indoor swimming pool)
Weight/Workout room (Running track and work-out room)
Arcade (Video Games, billards, televison and movies, couchs, chairs) (Fav. hang-out for students)


All classes, be it sports, academic, language arts, everything to do with the school is in here.


Each student must choose 1 English, 1 math, 1 Social Studies, 1 Science, 3 other classes, and may choose additional classes according to talents, etc.

Math: Pre-calc, Geometry, Algebra
English Language Arts: English Lit, (Reading)English Comp (Writting)
Science: Chemistry I, Biology, Physics, Chemistry II
Social Studies: World History, Geography, History
</b>Other</b>: Karate, Art, Band, Computers, Drama, French, Spanish, Leadership, Outdoor Ed, Phys. Ed, Literacy

*Leadership is a class where students can learn to be leaders, etc. They plan dances, and other major events.

Additional: Can be any of the classes up there, these classes are taken before and during school. Classes that do not apply to this are Physical Education, Art, French, Spanish, Drama, Computers, Outdoor Education, and Literacy,

Sports: You do not have to take Phys. Ed to be in after-school sports. Some practises are on weekends.


When posting to someone, always say your name ATTN their name in the subject heading area. ie:

Danielle ATTN Joey

When Joey responds back, it should say, Joey ATTN Danielle.

If you are not talking to anyone, but you are open to anyone coming and saying hello, please put Danielle OPEN

If your convo is closed and you do not want anyone to respond, put Danielle CLOSED.

Also, do not move characters without the writers consent!

When a time change occurs, I will say so, don't worry. But, another thing is, feel free to change the time as the day is moving along, nothing dratic though.

Also, this RPG is rated R because anything can happen in a High School. There are 15-19 year-olds here.

We also would love to have people who play more than one character, you don't have to, we just love it when people do.
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