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User:shwe3licious (472121)
Website:shweelicious even better than delicious
Location:New Jersey, United States
AOL IM:happy endinqs (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Some Kind Of Summary

Mee..My name is Ashley Elizabeth and my friends call me ; shwee ; ashwee ; ashwinakiss ; and whitney. I live in New Jersey aka land -o- fakes which i prefer becuz thats exactly whut it is. I have 2 brothers one half Tommy one step Joey.. and I have a half sister Brooke. I have a dog Hailie, 2 cats Friskie and Desi, and a bird Tiquilla. I live with my mom, my dad, my animals, and my half brother and sister. My parents arent married but they have been together for 19 years which makes them married by common law, although they are getting married next year
Interests:150: :[, :], , ;[, ;], ;Þ, adidas, afi, afro ken, all-american rejects, alternative, aquarius, australian accent, bad kitty, barnes and nobles, bath and body works, bean bags, bears, bed head, bellaluna, bfs, blue, blue brown green eyes, blueberry, bolt, bonnebell, bracelets, care bears, catapillars, cats, cherries, chicken soup, cinderella, computer, corndog, curly hair, cute, daddys lil defect, dismissed, disney world, dogs, duffers, emo, florinda, french vanilla, friend bear, funky chunk, game boy advanced, gap, gelatis, gemini, glowsticks, grape ape, ha ha, harry potter, hello kitty, hot bottoms, hot topic, i love lucy, ice, icons, into the woods, janet jackson, jay and jane, kisses, kitty ears, lions, lip gloss, little italy, lol, love, lucinda, ludacris, madonna, magic, making friends, minnie mouse, mp3s, mtv, my little pony, my nicknames, nails, neopets, new found glory, new york, no doubt, nutter butters, oldies songs, paris blues jeans, paul frank, petes soft hair, pink, pizza, platinum, pom poms, popcorn, pops, pretty gurl, ps2, punk, purple, rainbow brite, rainbows, ralph's italian ice, raver, real world, rent, rich gurl, richard, rings, rock steady, roxy, sandra bullock, scooby doo, scotts/mikes voice, scunci, seaside, shore thing, shy violet, silver, ska, sleeping, slush puppies, smiley perfumes, soho, spinderella, stars, strawberry shortcake, sugar, sugarcult, sweet cherrie, sweet stuff, tail daters, tee hee, teletubbies, the ataris, the donnas, the english accent, the muppets, the vines, thinking, tommy girl, ty beanie babies, unicorns, vanilla coke, vicious, when guys wear cologne, wild, wish bear, yummi
Friends:None listed.
Account type:Free User

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