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Below is information about the "Muses of Otherworld" community. This an open-membership community. To join, click here. You may leave the community at any time.

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User:shutter_box (608990)
Name:Muses of Otherworld
About:This is so far, the first and only community devoted to the magna Shutter Box....

This community is devoted to the arts. Music, poetry, drama, as well as drawing. Just as in the graphic novel, Shutterbox, we are, like the muses, promoting the arts.

Feel free to place in your drawings, poetry, favorite lyrics, as well as Shutterbox fandom comments. This community serves as a center of self-expression for the artists of this time.

Art is the song of the soul. UNDER NO CONDITIONshall you disrespect the art of another's artwork. This is a community of expression, any form of art is just as valuable as the next.

There shall be No Sexually suggestive material publicly shown. If you wish to show this, however, it is needed that you use a link, and give a notice of warning.

Keep your comments and actions to a level of maturity. This is a community to honor those who provide the inspiration to fuel our souls, do not disgrace their names with your childish actions.

Above all, enjoy the fruits of another's labors. Appreciation of the arts is a gift most sacred.
Interests:43: .hack, after life, aj, anime, apollo, art, art work, cowboy bebop, creative writing, dance, death, drama, drawing, dreams, egyptian mythology, greek mythology, inspiration, inu yasha, literature, lyrics, manga, megan, merriah, muses, music, mythology, painting, paranormal, past lives, plays, poems, poetry, river styx, role playing, rpg, ruins, self-expression, shutter box, tarot cards, the muses, theatre, thoth, writing
Members:4: boundsoulwoman, eternalsnow, nerbius, shutter_box
Watched by:2: boundsoulwoman, eternalsnow
Member of:1: shutter_box
Account type:Free User

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