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Below is user information for Brian. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:shinyshinyooh (194560)
Location:Sydney, Australia
Bio:Full Name (Plus titles if any): Plain old Brian Smith...or...Aura Sparkles

Age/Year: 17 years old and looking good. In sixth year

Fandom(s): Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Species(es): Drag Queen

Hair Colour (Don't forget the flowery adjectives!): The colour of ravens, it swept against those elegant collar bones in a perfect waterfall of obsidian glossiness. Normally (and without the wig) short-cropped and 24 carat gold spikes

Eye Colour (Remember: adjectives are your friends.): Huge brown eyes, the colour of the finest Belgian truffle chocolates, always surrounded by the most wonderful of make up

Unusual Markings/Colourations: None

Build: Tallish (only 5''10" but taller in heels) and rugby-player like, equally delicious as a man or a woman

Special Possessions: Owns the Sparkly Wand of Glittery Goodness, that can cause everything to go oh so shiny and camp

Animal Friend(s) (if any: None whatsoever apart from a cuddly wombat soft toy called Kevin

History/Origin: Brian is the adopted son of Adam and Tick, who grew up to be just like his proud daddies. A street boy made good, he has an Angsty Past before he comes to the Pink Pussycat, the drag club owned by Marion, Tick's lesbian wife, aged around 11. One look at all the pretty and shiny people there, and he just had to stay. His best friend is Benji, Tick's son. Or was his best friend, before things got a Bit Sticky

Connection To Canon: See above

Special Abilities: Can sing like Liza Minelli, and can bring Joy and Love into the hearts of many through his inheritance of the Wand

Other Traits: Bitchy, camp, extremely Australian, but far more so in Aura mode. He likes a drink, a fight, and anyone willing to put up with his incredible urge to be flamboyant. However, he is a true romantic, utterly sweet and fluffy, with a heart the size of Tasmania and an impractical way of falling in love too fast

Likes: Shiny things. Lots and lots of shiny things. The film, Cabaret. Australians. Strong tough men with big muscles. Bitching. Shoes. Rugby. Scifi. Being a drama queen. Being cuddled

Dislikes: Boring outfits, homophobes, the Outback, spiders, being quiet, sensible shoes.

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, entertaining, annoying those who don't like him, snarking, giggling, reading horror novels, watching sport, drinking
Interests:46: aussie men, australia, australian rules football, beer, boots, boys, cabaret, chanel, chinese food, cricket, cuddles, dancing, drag queens, frogs, gay clubs, huggles, kissing, lipstick, liza minelli, love, make up, maybelline, more cuddles, musicals, nail varnish, nuzzles, older men, pretty dresses, puppies, rimmel, rugby, science fiction, sex, sharks, shiny things, shoes, snuggles, sparkles, stephen king, stockings, stroking, suspenders, swimming, the news, thongs, wombats
Friends:11: adrian_elsbeth, agent_lee, evilpiratequeen, frothy_latte, kailyn_gadaire, lady_lutetium, msas, sensui_yuri, tristan_thor, wizardprincess, zurvan_palazzo
Friend of:10: adrian_elsbeth, agent_lee, evilpiratequeen, frothy_latte, jessbanks, kailyn_gadaire, lady_lutetium, sensui_yuri, tristan_thor, zurvan_palazzo
Member of:1: msas
Account type:Early Adopter

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