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User:shinto (176779)

* Name - Sarah

* DOB - 14 September

* Sign - Virgo

* Website; inuroku!

* Personality - ... How can I describe myself? I'm random; ever-changing and fleeting from one emotion to the next, making myself and others around me confused.

I have claimed Seifer Almasy's soul.

I have claimed Seifer Almasy's Hyperion, necklace, and trench-coat.

i'm in gryffindor!

be sorted @

Interests:90: adema, aisha bernadette, anastasia valeria, anime, anthony goldstein, arthur weasley, ashley winchester, ayumi hamasaki, baralai, berserk, bilbo baggins, bill wealsey, brad evans, broadway, caska, cecilia adlehyde, charlie weasley, disturbed, evanescence, faye wong, final fantasy ix, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, fred weasley, friends, frodo baggins, gaatsu, gackt, george weasley, ginny weasley, gippel, griffith, gryffindor, harry potter, hermione granger, hufflepuff, inuyasha, irving valeria, jack van burace, kagome higurashi, kikyou, le branc, liberi fatali, lilka eleniak, lord blazer, lucius malfoy, manga, marivel armitage, mark mcgrath, miroku, molly weasley, oliver wood, oliver x percy, percy weasley, quidditch, quistis trepe, ravenclaw, reincarnation, remus lupin, rikki, rikku, rinoa heartilly, ron weasley, ron x harry, rudy roughnight, sango, seifer almasy, seifer x quistis, seifer x squall, seifer x zell, sesshoumaru, shelinda, singing, sirius black, sirius x remus, slytherin, squall leonhart, squall x rinoa, sugar ray, the calling, three days grace, tidus, tim rhymeless, tom riddle, voldemort, wild arms, yaoi, yuna, yuri, zell dincht
Friends:7: glowish, hanyou, illuminations, leonhart, less_of_angelic, mangoes, yunie
Friend of:6: glowish, hanyou, illuminations, leonhart, licit, mangoes
Member of:3: claim_an_item, claim_a_soul, ramenwhore
Account type:Early Adopter

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