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Below is user information for *chronically wingless*. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:shard_of_glass (832761)
Name:*chronically wingless*
Bio:i live in a house. i eat food. i wear clothes (most of the time). i really like art and music. i really like dali and rodin and warhol. my favorite bands are: atreyu, demon hunter, underoath and so on. i'm sorta odd... i guess i'm your everyday emo-soaked, angst-driven idealistic manic. i love the color green, writing poetry, ramen noodles, and the ever-essential phrase "etc"... i also run around in the rain. and everything else my interests category has. and then some. lol oh, and of course, i can't forget that i started a long-term relationship in april '05. still going.
Interests:148: abstract art, africa, alternative rock, anatomy, anime, apple pie, art, asterik studio, atreyu, band t-shirts, battle royale, beat poetry, beatboxers, biting, black, black and white photos, black nail polish, black panties, blade of the immortal, blink 182, blue, bowling for soup, breathing, candy, cemetaries, cheap stuff, chocolate, clean smells, computers, cosplay, costumes, death metal, demon hunter, dissections, drawing, dreaming, emo, eyes, fallout boy, fight club, fire, fishnets, flyleaf, friends, fuse, geeks, green, green hair, grunge, grunge rock, gto, guitar, guitar feedback, guitars, gym class heroes, halifax, halloween, hawk nelson, he is legend, him, insomnia, juliana theory, kids, kisses, kutless, laughing, lit, love, love metal, m&m's, mae, manga, mars, matches, mausoleums, mechanical pencils, mewithoutyou, mixtapes, mohawks, mortuaries, mosh pits, mudvayne, music, mxpx, my room, nerds, night, nightmare before christmas, nightmares, nirvana, norma jean, pajama pants, phantom of the opera, pillar, playing, poetry, princess ai, project 86, punk rock, rain, ramen noodles, random stuff, reading, relient k, rock, rock concerts, rodin, roper, salvador dali, screamo, sewing, shiny objects, showbread, silverstein, singing, skillet, sleep, solid state records, spiked hair, star wars, straylight run, sudan, sum 41, superchic(k), t.s. eliot, taking back sunday, tank girl, terminal, the chariot, the dresden dolls, the natalie fight, the offspring, the showdown, the used, thinking, thousand foot krutch, thrash metal, tim burton, toby mac, tokyopop, tooth and nail records, underoath, underworld, vampires, weird stuff, writing, yuu watase, zao
Friends:10: bree_hunter, clc_burgess, demonfox, fuk, jmbaman, krystalevenstar, ktleah, losthorizon, matiez, sweetiek
Friend of:6: clc_burgess, fuk, krystalevenstar, ktleah, losthorizon, matiez
Account type:Free User

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