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User:shadow_dancer (14064)
Location:Woodlawn, Tennessee, United States
Bio:I know my shadow.
I see it before me
in the reflection of a moody midnight,
in the sky of a mirror I cannot attend,
life I cannot touch.
My shadow dances
slinking ahead and behind
finding my future, haunting my past,
dreaming of the time when she will be real-
and I will not,
but for her ambition-
we would be the same.
Wild-she-flies-never touching the earth.
The image of my soul-eternal.
What if she is the reality?
Could I be her shadow?
She is free, unbound, limitless,
would she let me follow her?
My shadow is my mystery,
hidden by the trees,
shifted only by the sun.
Show me where the Wild Things are.
That could be my palace.
I will be her shadow-
a more pale version of myself.
A shadow of a shadow,
a reflection of my image.
The life I cannot touch-
but I hold so precious and near...

Memories:1 entry
Interests:100: alternative music, animal rights, art, artist, astrology, authors, bi, butterflies, butterfly, candles, candy, children, creative writing, creed, culture, cutting, darkness, depression, drawing, elf, elven, elves, europe, fairies, fantasy art, femininity, flowers, folklore, friends, gemstones, genealogy, gothic, gothic clothing, hate, hating school, healing, health, helping, her, herbs, high school student, him, hugs, imagination, insomnia, inspiration, internet, lavender, lifestyles, literature, long hot showers, love, meditation, multiculturalism, music, mythology, nature, naturists, nighttime, openness, otherkin, pacifism, paganism, pain, philosophy, photography, poe, poetry, poets, prayer, rain, relationships, roses, self injury, sexuality, singing, sleeping, songwriting, soul, spirits, spirituality, staind, stress, study, tarot, teenagers, theatre, trees, vanilla, walking in the rain, webpages, whispers, wiccan, wildlife, william blake, wings, woods, world peace, writing, you
Friends:15: aruena, bitter_abyss, failr_incarnate, freeflow, infinite_abyss, magick, oldwolf164, oneliners, otherkin, paganism, shadow_dancer, suicidalteen68, violetenigma, warmace, witchcraft
Account type:Early Adopter

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