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Below is user information for u n c 0 n v e n t i 0 n a l. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sh00ting_stars (111699)
Name:u n c 0 n v e n t i 0 n a l
Location:milford, Connecticut, United States
AOL IM:xo melt with you (Add Buddy, Send Message)

Which Brand Of Clothing Do You Look Best In?

Brought to you by Faytrial

Adopt your own useless blob!

and his name will be Billy Joe Bobalicious

I married 'Chris Carrabba' from Dashboard Confessional...aren't YOU jealous?!

i claimed the song "Timberwolves At New Jersey" by Taking Back Sunday. Claim a song here --> claimyoursong

i claimed the song "Above Me" by Rufio and "Breathing" by Lifehouse. Claim a song here --> s0ng_claims

i claimed dan, (cutewithouthee) melissa, (bubbliciousbabe) and kayly (falsenail0nwall) at claim_a_bjuser :D and you should claim some people too >.o

P.S. if you like any of my icons i have, ask me for one, but please dont just take it. also, give me credit for it cause i made it. thats all

Interests:148: 21 pennies, ?, a chase worthwhile, a goofy movie, a midsummer nights dream, act, aladdin, alanis morissette, allister, alternative, anti-ana, anti-avril, anti-bulimia, anti-drugs, anti-rap, anti-war, austin powers in goldmember, babysit, baggy pants, band tee shirts, bassists, beanies, being a dork, being a loser, being an idiot, being in love, being lazy, black and white pictures, black eyeliner, boots, chuck taylors, computer, concerts, constellations, country, crowd surfing, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, dogma, doozer, drama, drumming, dude where's my car?, eat, emo, evanescence, eyeshadow, fern gully, ferris buellers day off, finch, fraggle rock, friends, gauge earrings, glitter, gonzo, goo goo dolls, good charlotte, green day, green eyes, grover dill, guitarists, hang out, hardcore, harry potter books, holding hands, holes, hoodies, hospital bracelets, hugs, icons, internet, j.k. rowling, jazz, jelly bracelets, jerry spinelli, jimmy eat world, kisses, laser tag, layouts, lilo and stich, lip gloss, local bands, local shows, love, loving dan, mall, mallrats, matrix, men in black, mest, midtown, moshing, moulin rouge, movies, mr. wrong, music, mxpx, nail polish, old school blink 182, othello, photography, pictures, pop-punk, pro-choice, pro-peace, punk, punks, read, rec, red chester, renaissance man, romeo and juliet, rufio, running, shakespeare, simple plan, ska, skaters, sleep, smile, snowboarding, softball, something corporate, spiky hair, stargirl, sugarcult, swimming, sxe, taking back sunday, tarzan, the ataris, the brave little toaster, the lion king, the mummy, the mummy returns, the outsiders, the starting line, the teles, the used, third eye blind, thursday, ties, tight tee shirts, trying to skateboard, tweak 9, ultimate fakebook, walking
Friends:39: bradlee151, broken_fool, bubbliciousbabe, cchaoticmess, crazy_rush_04, cutewithouthee, cyanidekissx, decieved, defectionate, falsenail0nwall, fuhqu, hidden_em0tions, iamdarkpoetry, ilovetbs, jeska_, jhawkgirl, kayys_blurtiesz, kimsz_rule, loserheart, poisoned_star, prozac_27, relseykae, rufiogirl710, secretjade, takebacmysunday, thetruecoolkids, the_misfit_toy, too_distant, tragetica, twinkeling_eyes, vinman0110, wishingxaway, xbrokenxheartx, xmagnificntliar, xpoisonthewinex, x_cut_here, your_lucky_star, zariex, _dreamin
Friend of:40: adoratiion, bradlee151, bubbliciousbabe, crack_whore, crazy_rush_04, cutewithouthee, decieved, defectionate, falsenail0nwall, iamdarkpoetry, ilovetbs, jeska_, jhawkgirl, kayys_blurtiesz, kimsz_rule, lostinspiration, lovestruckdead, marejaney, prettylushx, prozac_27, rcorao, rufiogirl710, secretjade, strangestars, takebacmysunday, the_lil_skitzo, the_misfit_toy, tragetica, twinkeling_eyes, vinman0110, wishingxaway, xbrokenxheartx, xpoisonthewinex, x_cut_here, zariex, _goonie_, _purrrr, _tattered_, _teenage_riot, __lush
Member of:13: bj_awards, brandnewfans, claims, claim_a_bjuser, emolyrics, lay_me_out, picture_me, piebaldfans, pop_punk_kid, rock_icons, rufiofans, s0ng_claims, theblinkiestore
Account type:Early Adopter

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