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User:sexyrageangel2 (287282)
Location:Texas, United States
Bio:My name's Rita, I <333333333 Rage Against The Machine. I'm absolutely anti-war, i participate in many anti-war protests! I love the show Friends, buffy the vampire slayer, sex and the city...etc...I'm a pretty friendly person, lmao(cough)j/k I really am... I'm really esay to get along with if you're anti-war, too. If you're not, it's cool, I'll still get along with you...
Interests:150: 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 60s music, 80s music, aaliyah, aeropostale, aleka's attic, alfred hitchcock, all that jazz, american dreams, amusement parks, angels, anne rice, astronomy, atlanta, beaches, bible, black, blue, bone thugs-n-harmony, bono, britney spears, buffy, bunnies, bush, butterflies, candy, carnations, cars, charlotte russe, cinnamon, computers, cooking, dancing, diamonds, disney movies, disneyworld, dr. pepper, drawing, driving, dumb and dumber, elvis, eminem, europe, fairies, fleetwood mac, flock of seagulls, florida, flowers, forrest gump, friendship, furry animals, gadzooks, gentlemen prefer blondes, georgia, glamour, glitter, god, gone with the wind, grease, gummy bears, guys, happy days, heaven, hollywood, i love lucy, incense, jackass, jars of clay, jean harlow, jelly belly jelly beans, jesus, johnny depp, kickboxing, kids, kitties, ladybugs, leprechauns, life, linkin park, lollipops, love, ludacris, madonna, make-up, making fun of cheerleaders, marilyn monroe, marlene dietrich, mary-kate and ashley movies, medieval times, michelangelo, minnie mouse, mudd, nascar, nature, nsync, oceans, old hollywood, pacific sunwear, painting, palm trees, parties, pepsi, photography, photoshop, pink, pizza, planting, puppies, queen of the damned, rain, rainbows, red hot chili peppers, red jelly beans, river phoenix, roses, sarah michelle gellar, saturday night live, sewing, shakespeare, shoes, showchoir, skipping school, sleep, slush puppies, softball, some like it hot, sour skittles, sparkly things, stand by me, stars, stone temple pilots, stuart townsend, sun, swimming, switchfoot, teacup yorkies, the beatles, the crow, the goonies, the osbournes, the supernatural, tigers, tropical islands, u2, vampire chronicles, vanilla, waterfalls, willow trees
Friends:1: playboybabe6907
Account type:Free User

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