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User:sexy_lexy_x (172770)
Website:*piNk DiaMoNdz VerShuN 2.0*

allow me to ..introduce.. my self..
i want you to come a lil closer...
i'd like you to get to know me a lil bit better the real me...
sorry you cant define me
sorry i break the mold
sorry that i speak my mind
sorry i dont do what im told
sorry if i dont fake it
sorry that i come to real
i will never hide what
i ..ReALLy... feel
so here it is n0 hype..n0 qlozz
n0 pretense..just me...l e x y<3

lookz n shiit
First i just want to say if you dont like me then qet out..theres no need for you to be in my buiznezz..y0ur not CNN and dont need 2 be reportinq my biznezz to all y0ur little friendz and the wh0le school. and if you dont like me thatz qreat...i really dont care what you think. wut you do dont phaze me..i wasnt born a hater n im definietly not qoinq to look at y0u in envy. so unlezz y0ur my thonq dont be up my azz..dont leave rude commentz on my paqe or on my blurty..n if ur qonna talk about me make sure u keep that shiit iinterestin iight? n let that be that. i aint really here to play no games ->you already kno my name<- freaky deaky like it aint no thinq. wut i put up on my journal isnt my wh0le life..or full scenerioz..just wut i feel is approperiate for y0u to kn0w. dont hate on my opinonz...thiis is my journal my liife my fucc if i care if u like it or dont have 2 read it. especially my war viewz. dont be qoin off sayinq this is just wut my parentz thiink n im just repeatin them n shiit...b/c im not this is all how I feel..all my opinions no one elsez wut they say doez influence me but not to that deqree. sorry if i come off as a biich_im really not infact im actually quite easy to qet alonq w/ and i do have alot of friendz and true friendz that ranqe from prep to thuq to "normal" to punk..its just i been thru to much shiit in my liife...and for some of you after all that you put me thru you'd think that i wud despize you but in the end i want to thank you because you made me that much stronqer you have made me a
f i q h t e r i dont bite or borrow..this is all me and how i feel. if its to real or you cant handle it or its offending you sorry_dont read it then. im 0nly 16 n a female but that doesnt mean i dont know what im talkinq about so just b/c im a female that speakz her mind dont call me a biich...or treat me like one b/c all you know is what you see... dont assume im a stuck up biich b/c im friends with the cheerleaders or because i am preppy thats shallow..i know u heard rumorz but fucc wut u heard n recoqnize wut you see..all this shiit is cominq straight from
m e and dont you think thats the most credible source? but im done w/ all that i just dont feel like dealinq with any petty shiit and fiqured i wud let you kn0w how i really feel about sum thinqz. im ab0ut 5'5 or 5'6 i have lonqish liqhtish brown hair thatz layered. and i have qreen n oranqe n hazel blue qray eyez [[they are madd crazy colorz n yes they are real =) ]] i have a niice smile since i had braces n madd painfull work done on them so0o yea not to be concieted but it lookz qood lol. i quess im thin..everyone sayz i am but i dont think im all that small...lookz can be decivinq not a biich but if u qet loud n rowdy on me n try 2 start shiit i quarantee i will have somethinq to say back ..and i wont back down. i liike alot of "preppy" thinqz like a&e..a&f and hollister but dont even beqan to thiink i wear it to be "popular" and what not..and be like eww shes a prep she must be a stuck up cheerleader slut butt bich whoz daddy buyz everythinq for her. b/c im not so dont think you know me just b/c you heard wut u heard or judqe by my lookz. i hate fake people n bichez just as much as the next punk or thuq. i listen to alot of music mostly hip hop r&b rap and pop. sum alternative..i try 2 keep an open mind about shiit n wont judqe a punk or anyone else b/c of wut they do b/c i dont really know alot about wut they do..and im cool w/ sum punkz. so dont judge me by wut i like..dont judge somethinq you know nothinq about. b/c im not a stuck up concieted biich and im not a cheerleader..most of my friendz are and i luv them..alot of people in school dont liike them but all they know is what they qirlz arent like that. yes we have our fiqhtz over petty shiit but were just human. they are not stuck up bichez most of the time [[we all have our dayz]] and if u would quit talkin shiit on them and actually qet to know would know that too. but then aqain highschool has tauqht me alot about people and whos true and whos fake. i learned most people are fake, back stabbinq biiches only out to qet theres or for the popularity i had to learn the hardway that alot of peoples opinions of most of the cheerleaders [[my "friends"]] are correct_alot of the qirls i thouqht were my friends really aren't_and have lately been dickinq me off n treatinq me like shiit?! so my advice? just roll w/ the real..and trust very few..know whos true and stick with them..fuqq everyone else. i learned this the hardway! i am spoiled im not qoinq 2 deny that but everyday i thank God for it and i help those out who arent as fortunate and i dont look down at them and i defend them when people make fun of them. b/c i was there i was always made fun but all i can say to those people is look at you now and take a qood hard ass look at me ?!? so dont qet all them stereotype ass thotz in ur head about me. i wear the shiit b/c i like the style..not b/c of the name. i also shop at kaufmanns, lazarus, sometimes qadzooks, quess, wet seal and charloette russe...if i see somethinq i like i buy it..end of story. im *sweet 16* and yes i have a parentz bought it for me b.u.t i will be workinq this summer to help pay for it and i have to pay for everythinq i want done to it [[system tint neonz..blahblahblah]] itz an '03 cavalier if ur sinqle for the moment but i have a few quyz i like and i have been on a few datez w/ sum and they are all incredibly hot and sweet [[not 2 braq lol]]soo hopefully somethinq happenz w/ that!? and i thiink thatz all you really need to kn0w bout thiz lil 'sexy thanq so qet out my damm businezz already iiqht?! lolz... i just want 2 send sum madd luv out 2 all my *real* qirlz..luv yo0hz!
and if you now t h i n k you
k n 0 w hunii you still have
n 0 idea...this is the diary

my qirlz*lip qlozz*thonqz*dancin*sinqin*chillin*shoppinq*the beach*h0t weather*swimmin*abercrombie*hollister*pinknezz*0range*boyz*my car*makin webpaqez*animalz*makeup*bein sexyy =p

fake people*haterz*biterz*back stabbberz*hoz*conceited people*assholez*cold weather*snakez*spiiderz*dirtinezz*sn0w*homework*anime*math

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