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User:sexxi_chyna (101986)
Name:Joanie Laurer
Location:United States
AOL IM:XxpLaYbOyChYnAxX (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:Name: Joanie Laurer
height: 5'11"
weight: 180 pounds
Born: 12-27-70
Hometown: Rodchester,NY
Marital status: Engaged to Sean Waltman
Hair Color: Brown and Blonde
Bench Press record: 365 pounds currenlty bench press 310 pounds
Deadlift record: 462 pounds
Jobs: Dancing, Pro-wrestler, Model/Actess
Pro wrestling federations: PGWA, PGWI, WWF, NJPW
Ring names: Joanie Lee, Chyna, Joanie Laurer
AKA: The Ninth Wonder of the World
Trained with men by: Killer Kowalski
Wrestling highlights: Only female to ever enter a Royal Rumble, Only female to qualify for the King of the Ring, Only female to enter fight with men, Only female Intercontinental Champion (3 times), Best Selling author (If they Only Knew number 2.)And the only undefeated WWF Women's champion, Only woman to wrestle men in NEW JAPAN pro wrestling, Only woman in the history of WRESTLING to challenge for the Heavyweight Tag Belt, Only woman in WRESTLING history to compete for the Heavyweight title.
Current job: Actress and New Japan wrestler
Books: "If they Only Knew"
Movies: Frank McKlusky CI, On the Line,Alien Fury, and The Hunter.
On her spare time:loves to read a play the cello, also lifts weights about 4 days a week
Titles won: WWF Intercontental title (3), WWF women's title, PGWI title
TV Appearances: Raw is War, Smackdown, Metal, Jakked, Sunday Night Heat, Jay Leno (3), Live with Regis, Regis and Kathy Lee, Third Rock from the Sun (2), Pacific Blue, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, The Edge, Tracker, The Open Mike Show, Howard Stern (3), Off the Record, Conan O'brian, The Other Half, Hot Ticket, Robot Wars, Celebrity Boxing, E News Live, True Life, The test, Celebrity Fear Factor, Entertainment Tonight, Off the Edge, Tough Guys, Diary of Chyna, Good Day LA, The view, Canada AM, Mad TV, National Enqiurer, Extra, Tom Arnold's All Star-Roast, Dammie Awards, FYE, TRL, Whoseline, The Best Damn Sports Show Peroid (3), Rank, O2Be, The Anna Nicole Show, The Bill Board Awards, Hollywood Squares, Street Smarts, Famouse Homes and Hideaways, and many, many more.

[ sorry guys im not the real Joanie Laurer!]

Interests:10: boxing, brock lesnar, chicken, divas, knit, pink, playboy, wrestling, wwe, wwe superstars
Friends:10: amydumas, edgecutioner, keiblerelf79, lisamarie, princess_steph, rvd_wwe, wfrpg, xbrock_lesnar, xtrishxstratusx, x_torriewilson
Friend of:4: beulahm, keiblerelf79, shannon_moore, xtrishxstratusx
Member of:1: wfrpg
Account type:Early Adopter

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