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Below is user information for carmen rasmusen. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sexie_rasmusen (297132)
Name:carmen rasmusen
Website:carmen rasmusen <3s clayton aikenn
Location:Bountiful, Utah, United States
AOL IM:c iSs fOr CaRmEn (Add Buddy, Send Message)



Julia: my best friend! i love you so much!! what would i do without youu!!!!

Kim: my best friend. i love you so much! thanks for being there to listen!

Clay: my best friend and the love of my life. i love you so much. you are always there for me <3333

Katie Cassidy: one of the nicest ppl i met on blurty!! your always there to listen :) <33 uu!!!

Faye: my sisterr 4 lifee!! <33 uu

Kaila: you were there to listen to me when i was hysterical crying. thankss <33 uu!

Tori: aww! like my little sister & carmen junior haha ! i hope you liek your iconss :) <33 uu!

Dhani: the onlyyy personn who comments on every entry i make! haha <33

Anna: soo cute and always happy! one of the sweetest girls on blurtyy! <33 yaa!

Margo: one of the 1st ppl to talk to me on blurtyy :) <33

Marie: also one of the 1st ppl to talk to me on blurty :) <3333

Katie Spencer: your just so nicee and sweet! <33 uu

Kiley: even though we havent talkd that much i <3 u cause u were my 1st spammer!!!!

Jamie: such a lil cutiee <33 yaa!

Taylor: a cute lil kidd! <33 yaa! thanks for sticking up for me when ppl wrote those commentss!!

I think thats it.. if i missed you comment mee <33

((It's fakee kiddooo))
Interests:44: acting, american idol, american juniors, avril lavigne, blonde hair dye, bubblegum, carmen rasmusen, charles grigsby, christina aguliera, clay aiken, coffee, corey clark, dance fever, disney world, fame, god, hair, hair extensions, heels, highlights, joshua gracin, julia demato, justin timberlake, kimberly caldwell, kimberly locke, make-up, manicures, money, mountain dew, paula abdul, pedicures, pink, pink lipstick, pink nail polish, randy jackson, role-play, ruben studdard, shania twain, shopping, simon cowell, singing, sparkles, sunglasses, touring
Friends:10: charlesgrigsby, clay_aikenn, just_playing, kimm_caldwell, kisses_from_hil, miz_demato, pinkybrits, xanna_playx, xxtara_reidxx, _marie
Friend of:11: babydolls, charlesgrigsby, kimm_caldwell, kinkster_kiles, kisses_from_hil, miz_demato, termit, xo_britney_ox, xxtara_reidxx, x_ashleesimpson, x_dhani_x
Member of:4: jp_help, jp_updates, just_playing, wannabe_celeb
Account type:Free User

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