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Below is user information for j lEigh. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sexibabi (54370)
Name:j lEigh
Bio:Hey babis Its Jodi .yes the one u all love much . im a crazy mofo lol . meghan is my lil penis who never stops lettin em ----her head till her neck brakes lol. kelliO is my lil baybe cakes who loves me so lol - nikk nica an rissa ahh my lovers who r always ther for me . my boys mike mike dave dave john matt andrew tom tom darek taylor sateven justin alex rick umm eddie? everyone of them im always her for. they may bnot be always her for me but:( its all good then the best bets best friends KELLY ERICA JULEI alex amy steph kayla ect. u kno i love u all we fite but i love u guys jus as much as anything else ok welll bacically my friends r me so if u kno them or me yea we NUTS!!!! lvoe J
Interests:143: air conditioners, airwick air fresheners, alot of bands, and hats, apple jucie, applesauce, ashton kutcher, atomic balls, beautiful meghan gallagher, bees wings, ben afflek, big light switches, biting, black and white, black eyes, blakc rroom, blue circles, bows, bra straps, burning things, butt flys, cap i tillars, cars, chap stick, colby, cork skrews, cracker, cracking ankles, cream, crying, cubes and crushed, damian, davio georgery flemming, def bras, dots, drinks, driving, earings, ebach, ellavation, eyelashes, feet, fixing tvs, flowers, fluff, food, francesco, french fries, frenizy, fricjer, frowning, fun, games on n64, glitter, going on vacation, goober, grease buns, grey shirts, hair, hard feet, holes, holes in your butt, hoping, hot glue guns, humping, ice, jumping, kianu, knees, knickles, knucles, laying down, lil bit, long toenails, magnets, massaging, maybe shirts, mercedes, moaning, necks, new picture frames, new socks, no pants, no shoes, not cody, not connected ear-lobes, not eyebrows, not fans, ozzie, packing, paul walker, peas, penguins, penises, phone numbers, pillow cases, pillows, pink, pink puffy poodles, poems, polar bears, pork roll, pretty ponys, puffy ps, purple pansys, qtips, racing, red, red chairs, remostes, ribbons, salty tears, scissors, scotch, screthching, shadow, shore, sippin dots, sitting up, slapping, smeegees, smiling, smogees, smoogees, smudges, speakers, squirlls, stars, stripes, swinging, taking pictures, tan, ticklish lips, tongues, tori, turning chairs, turning over, underwear, water in your phone, white out, wrinkled shirts, yellow spots, zebra
Friends:7: babiixbritt, geekarific, huggablexkrissy, liddlekap, mmarie, oxbabymar, xorissa
Friend of:4: fiestax, kelli0x0, mmarie, xorissa
Account type:Early Adopter
Date created:2003-01-05 00:09:13
Date updated:2003-05-28 12:21:10, 603 weeks ago
Clients used:Web: 1.0, 1.1
Journal entries:31
Comments:Posted: 3 - Received: 48

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