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Below is user information for DESTINY. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sexi_destiny (529784)  
Location:miami, Florida, United States
Bio:WeLl Mi NaMe Is DeStInY aZ u AlReAdY kNo. I CaN bE dA nIcEsT gUrL u CaN mEeT bUt WuNcE u FuK wIt Mi ITz OvA iM gOnNa Be Da BiGgEsT bItCh U cAn EvA kNo So U mIgHt NoT wAnNa CrOsS dAt LiNe. I LiVe In Da M.I.A lOl ItZ sTr8 i LyK iT hEa. I lUv 2 Go oUt WiT mI pPlZ, i LyK hElPiN pPlZ oUt WiT dEr PrObLeMs N eVeRy WuN sAiZ iM gOoD @ iT :-) jUsT n-e ThIn FuN. iM uP 2 TrYiN nEw ThInZ n I lUv MeEtIn NeW pPlZ. Im BrAzIlIaN!!!!! bAsIcAlLy Im JuSt LiViN mI lYf DaI bY dAi N HaViN fUn. iM a StR8 PeRsOn 2 bE aRoUnD iM aLoT oF fUn N hAvE lOtS oF fRiEnDz WhIcH iM alSo A GoOd FrIeNd 2 EvErY wUn @ lEaSt I tRy 2 bE. WuNcE u GeT 2 KnO mI u'lL pRoBaBlY eNd Up LyKiN mI iM jUsT a LuVaBlE pErSoN vErY cArInG n HaS a GoOd HeArT. wElL dAtS jUsT a LiL oN mI pErSoaNaLiTy N bAk GrOuNd , DeRs AlOt MoE 2 Mi So I gUeSs U'Ll HaVe 2 fInD ouT 4 uRseLF. dIs Is A LiL dIsCrIbTiOn On HoW i LooK iN mOsT pPlZ eYeS. DEY AINT READY!!!! lOl. Im 5'3, light skin, kinda long blond hair, phat blue eyes dat be changin colors sum times, nice smile n full lips, im in good shape 101 poundz if u all r wonderin. boiz be thinkin i got a nice ass n body n they say i gotta cute face. so basically dey lyk how i look. U ALL KNO U CANT RESIST DA BRAZILIAN BEAUTY!!!! "Im NoT a TeAsE, iM jUsT a ReMiNdEr Of WuT u CaN't HaVe!" ~WeN u MeEt DiZ bAbI gUrL uLl NeVa Be Da SaMe
I gOt dA fInEsT tHuGz PuTtIn HeArTs ArOuNd Ma NaMe! HoT n SeXi CuTe Az CaN bE GoT aLl DeM bOiZ sAyIn DaMn ShE bEtTa DaN wEeD~
*Every nigguhs dream wifey*
Interests:7: dancin, etc., guyz, modelin, shopin, singin, talkin
Friends:None listed.
Friend of:1: evilxqueen
Account type:Free User

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