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User:sexanddiamonds (604933)

Black black heart
why would you offer more
Why would you make it
easier on me to satisfy
I'm on fire I'm rotting to the core
I'm eating all your kings and queens
All your sex and your diamonds

:: About Moi::

barbara. february 15th.
canada. green eyes. brunette.
a romantic. harry potter obsessed.
slightly evil. but nice when I want to be.
creative. a dreamer. introvert.
not easily amused. stubborn at times.
opinionated. extremely open minded.
plays guitar and drums.

:: J'adore ::

harry potter. draco malfoy. tom felton.
slytherin. interview with a vampire. louis.
lestat. the nightmare before christmans.
jack the pumpking king. romeo and juliet.
the vampire chronicles. gossip girl.
the a-list. bad/evil boys.
tall dark and handsome. shoes.
pillows. the smell of cologne.
thunder storms. green silk boxers.
british accents. writing.
fanfiction. draco/ginny. music.
electric guitar. drums. vampires.


linkin park. kidney thieves.
smashing pumpkins. red hot chili peppers.
guns n’ roses. lacuna coil.
nightwish. switchfoot. velvet revolover.
within temptaion. cold play. the cure.


“I don’t believe in destiny anymore.
Destiny is for losers, it’s just a lame excuse
for letting things happen to you instead of making
them happen.” -Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl
(All I want is Everything) The words I now live by.
Interests:102: adriana lima, angst, argentina, art, australian accents, bad boys, beauty, black, blades, blair, blaise/ginny, blood, bondage, british accents, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cecily von ziegesar, channel, chobits, classy, cold play, cuts, darkness, diamonds, draco malfoy, draco/ginny, draco/ginny/blaise, draco/ginny/harry, dream theater, dreaming, drummers, drums, electric guitar, elegance, elegant, england, expensive, fanfiction, fire, flat stomachs, flurting, ginny/tom, gossip girl, guys, harry potter, hugs from behind, interview with a vampire, irish accents, jack off jill, jack the pumpkin king, kidneytheives, kinky, kissing, lestat, lighters, lightning, lindsay lohan, linkin park, louis, louise rennison, love, making out, manhatten, maroon 5, mean girls, messing with your mind, money, moonlight, music, my bed, oxford, pain, perfume, pillows, poetry, rain, razors, red roses, roses, sex, sex and the city, sleeping, smooth talking, spike, staying fit, storms, strawberry gashes, swimming, the a-list, the nightmare before christmas, the smell of cologne, thin, thunder storms, tigers, tom felton, vampires, water, weekends, weight loss, white gold, writing, zoey dean
Friends:2: dark_destiny, drunken_monkey
Friend of:3: dark_destiny, deadxagain, drunken_monkey
Member of:1: html_help
Account type:Free User

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