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Below is user information for The No-Named Nobody. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sex_me_x (95430)
Name:The No-Named Nobody
AOL IM:piercingsz (Add Buddy, Send Message)


Hi....My name is Cassidy. I'm usually called Cassie,Cassie Wassie,Cass,Charlotte,Marilyn Manson,C-C, and some other stuff. I have brown hair with blonde and violet streaks. My eyes are a green/hazel with some gold flecks in them. I'm 5'7" and weigh around 120. I have 3 dogs (Dallas,Divah,Lexus) and some fish. I live in Mississippi with my mom,my brother,and my step-dad. My dad died about 3 years ago. I also have a step-sister, Haley, who fortunatly doesn't live with us. I have accomplished a few things so far. In 4th grade I won overall in the science fair. In fifth grade I was star student of my elementary school. Star Student is where the average up all of your grades from kindergarten-5th grade and whoever has the highest average in 5th grade gets it. I have also been on the honor role since 1st grade. A few of my friends are Jenn,Andra, Candace, Bridgette, Laura, and Ian. I've known andra since 7th grade. I've known Candace since kindergarten. I've known Bridgette and Laura since 5th grade. And Ian since I started riding the bus. I think they are all awesome people ;D If you have a problem with them then you have a problem with me. Um my hobbies include eating, sleeping, watching tv, webdesign, computers, and softball. I also have an obsession with Good Charlotte and Benji Madden. Well I think thats all. <3

Accents. Acting. Animals. Arts and Crafts. Babies. Baby Blue. Backpacks. Band Shirts. Bands. Beanies. Being Organized. Black. Blue Skies. Book Stores. Books. Bracelets. Candy. CDs. Chocolate. Cleaning. Clothes. Coke. Computers. Concerts. Converse. Crowd Surfing. DVDs. Eyeliner. Fall. Food. Foreign Countries. Friends. Good Charlotte. Guitars. Hair Dye. Hoodies. Hott Guys. Icees. Lip Gloss. Loud Music. Love. Magazines. Malls. Mosh Pits. Mountain Dew. Movie Theaters. Movies. Music. Music Videos. Nail Polish. Painting. Parties. Patches. Photography. Piercings. Pink. Pins. Poetry. Posters. Rain. Reading. Rock. Roller Coasters. Scrap Books. Shoes. Shows. Skateboards. Sleeping. Softball. Sports. Stereos. Storms. Swimming. Talking. Tattoos. Theme Parks, TV. Vacations. Web Design. Writing. More.

Body Odor. Britney Spears. Chores. Country Music. Crying. Death. Drugs. Humidity. Junk Mail. Mississippi. Politicians. Pop Music. Pop-ups. Posers. Rap Music. School. Smoking. Waking Up Early. War. More.

Angry. Annoying. Bitchy. Boring. Confused. Crazy. Creative. Curious. Depressed. Different. Freak. Helpful. Intellegent. Jealous. Lazy. Lonely. Moody. Organized. Pissy. Quiet. Shy. Sleepy. Stressed. Unsocial. Unusual. Weird.

AFI. Alkaline Trio. Anti-flag. Audioslave. Bigwig. Blink 182. Bowling for Soup. Chevelle. CKY. Cold. Dashboard Confessional. Desaparecidos. Die Trying. District 7. Evanescence. Eve 6. Finch. Fountains of Wayne. Frenzal Rhomb. Goldfinger. Good Charlotte. Good Riddance. Incubus. Jane's Addiction. Kittie. Less than Jake. Linkin Park. Marilyn Manson. Mest. Midtown. Minor Threat. New Found Glory. Nirvana. NOFX. Ok Go. Propagandhi. Rancid. Red Hot Chili Peppers. Revis. Rooney. Saliva. Seether. Sex Pistols. Simple Plan. Smile Empty Soul. Social Distortion. Something Corporate. Staind. Story of the Year. Sum 41. System of a Down. Taking Back Sunday. The All-American Rejects. The Ataris. The Donnas. The Eyeliners. The Faint. The Starting Line. The Used. The Vandals. Vendetta Red. Wakefield.

MOViES: American Pie. Austin Powers. Batman. Big Daddy. Billy Madison. Dude Where's My Car?. Dumb and Dumber. Final Destination. Forrest Gump. Happy Gilmore. Harry Potter. Head Over Heels. Jackass the Movie. Lord of the Rings. Moulin Rouge. Not Another Teen Movie. Now and Then. Pirates of the Caribbean. Sleeping Beauty. Spiderman. The Faculty. The Ring. The Waterboy. What a Girl Wants. What Lies Beneath. Wizard of Oz.
TV: All That. All Things Rock. Celebrity Tastemaker. Daria. Degrassi. Girls vs. Boys. IMX. Loaded. Radio Free Roscoe. Spongebob. TRL.

Yep, my journal is Friends Only. Right now I am not accepting any friends though. I dont want to be over loaded with commenting so I'm keeping my lists short. Anyway, DO NOT steal from me. I swear I will do something horrible to you if you do! I have friends in low places that can make your internet life hell! lol, yeah. Also, do not ask me for journal help. If you would like a layout then go to r0ck_starz and request one from me. Thanks bunches!

The user __jackster stole my bunny the lifeguard icon made by kahluaparadise. It had MY USERNAME on it so that was a dumb ass idea. She stopped using it but its still in her userpics. __jackster YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT IN THE ACT!!!
thank you mizzundersto0d_ for this information

sugarkittenzx stole my icon from my old old old old journal piink_fetishez. It even had my name on it! She has it in her user pics and it was a pretty dumbass idea for her to steal it. Thanks blondexbitch for the info!

version 1.0- AFI
version 2.0- Jackass
version 3.0- AIM style
version 4.0- Good Charlotte
version 5.0- The Used
version 6.0- Back to School
version 7.0- Dumb and Dumber
version 8.0- Evanescence
version 9.0- Legolas
version 10.0- Taking Back Sunday
version 11.0- Mest ::still in use::

Interests:81: accents, acting, all things rock, animals, arts and crafts, babies, baby blue, backpacks, band shirts, bands, beanies, being organized, black, blue skies, book stores, books, bracelets, candy, cds, chocolate, cleaning, clothes, coke, computers, concerts, converse, crowd surfing, dvds, eyeliner, fall, food, foreign countries, friends, good charlotte, guitars, hair dye, hoodies, hott guys, icees, lip gloss, loud music, love, magazines, malls, mosh pits, mountain dew, movie theaters, movies, music, music videos, nail polish, painting, parties, patches, photography, piercings, pink, pins, poetry, posters, rain, reading, rock, roller coasters, scrap books, shoes, shows, skateboards, sleeping, softball, sports, stereos, storms, swimming, talking, tattoos, theme parks, tv, vacations, web design, writing
Friends:15: bebekisses, blondexbitch, christop_pher, dedicated__, gorgeous__, payments, punkr0x, rowdi_cowgirl, star_n0_star, stick, xblazze5051, ximpossiblex, x_sarrie, _fallinqxtearz_, _twiinkle_
Friend of:9: bebekisses, christop_pher, payments, punkr0x, star_n0_star, tinkerbelle1139, uh0h0reo, x_sarrie, _fallinqxtearz_
Member of:3: claim_a_soul, claim_people, quirkies
Account type:Early Adopter

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