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Below is user information for Sesshoumaru. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sessh_sama (84763)
Website:Hyperion's Universe
Location:Texas, United States
AOL IM:llparazzo (Add Buddy, Send Message)
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I claimed Tonberry!
I claimed Tonberry and Vlakorados! Claim your FF Beastie now!


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~I'm Mrs. Duo Maxwell!~
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Memories:3 entries
Interests:149: across, aikawa nanase, aldous huxley, anime, are you being served, artillery, ayumi hamasaki, basement jaxx, battle of olympus, benny hill, beowulf, billy joel, bloody roar, bubblegum crisis, cabbits, canterbury tales, card captor sakura, catgirls, chaucer, cheetahs, chinese, chobits, clamp, clubs, computer games, computers, cosplay, danny elfman, ddr, digimon, disney, do as infinity, doujinshi, drag racing, dragon half, dragons, duo maxwell, dvds, enya, eriol, everquest, excel excel, excel saga, falco, fanart, fanfiction, ferrets, flute, foxes, gameboy, gamecube, gundam wing, guns, hamtaro, hans zimmer, harry potter, hello kitty, hentai, homestarrunner, horse racing, horses, hyatt, ilpalazzo, inu-yasha, jackie chan, japanese, joe hisaishi, john mayer, john williams, johnny bravo, kim possible, kingdom hearts, kirin, kitsune, kuroneko, lilo and stitch, magic, making friends, manga, mario sunshine, martial arts, megaman, megatokyo, menchi, miyazaki hayao, mods, monkees, movies, mp3s, mustangs, mythology, nabeshin, naruto, ninetails, pegasus j. crawford, penny arcade, photography, poetry, pokemon, princess mononoke, ps2, psychology, purple pussy, raves, record of lodoss war, red dwarf, rival schools, robots, rp, rpg, sca, sega, sephiroth, serial experiments lain, sesshoumaru, seto kaiba, sims, slayers, sonic the hedgehog, soundtracks, spaceballs, spirited away, strawberry shortcake, swords, techno, the matrix, they might be giants, trigun, utada hikaru, valkyrie profile, vash, videogames, villains, william shakespeare, wish, wolves, xbox, xelloss, yaoi, youkai, yu-gi-oh, yue, yugioh, yuri, zechs merquise, zelda, zoanthropes, zoids, zone of enders
Friends:23: amai, ankh, bondageseraph, damaru_masurao, darknite, death_talks, do_or_die, greenangel, heartofglass, himura_ken, icicle_imp, kagero_tanaka, magiciangirl, mikagami, mineaux, mokona_onna, mute_lolita, nekomimiko, redxballon, revenge_of_sare, setou_kaiba, soulfire, so_plush
Friend of:16: amai, ankh, damaru_masurao, do_or_die, greenangel, heartofglass, himura_ken, kagero_tanaka, mikagami, mokona_onna, nekomimiko, pirogoeth, revenge_of_sare, soulfire, so_plush, the_cheat
Member of:18: anime, animeaddme, anime_art, anime_defenders, anime_freaks, anthrology, claim_anime, claim_a_soul, claim_a_word, clamp_obsession, ff_beasties, fhqwhgads, final_fantasy, gamergirls, gethitched, hpclaims, ramenwhore, villian_claims
Account type:Early Adopter

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