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Below is user information for sergeantlibido. If you are this user, you can edit your information (or choose what information is considered public) at the Edit Info page.

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User:sergeantlibido (128160)
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
AOL IM:sergeantlibido (Add Buddy, Send Message)
Bio:I don't always understand the way I am and I'm usually susceptible to shocking reality checks from time to time. I have anxiety attacks in which I feel very confused and alone. I have unrealistic aspirations and do not take much seriously. All of this and more goes into the recipe for one shit storm of an experience. Read all about it in my journal!
Interests:101: 1991 dodge caravan (rip), a walk across america, accidents, alice in chains, best friends, blueberry unfrosted pop tarts, bob mould/husker du/sugar, bob odenkirk, books, bram stoker, candlebox - far behind, collective soul, comfort, daniel quinn, david cross, days of the new, depression, dracula, driving, edward teach, espionage, fight club, friends, fucking around, george harrison, guitar, hockey, house of large sizes, ishmael, james bond, jimi hendrix, john lennon, led zeppelin, living colour, love, lynyrd skynyrd, maps, meat puppets, modest mouse, mother love bone, movies, mr. show, mudhoney, music, nature, neil young, neon genesis evangelion, nick drake, nick of time, nirvana, oasis (sometimes), one hit wonders, outer banks, pearl jam, pink floyd, piracy, pixies, pj harvey, polaris/miracle legion, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, road trips, rock, rolling stones, rush, science, science fiction, scott weiland, silverchair, singles, sky, sleater-kinney, smashing pumpkins, soul coughing, soundgarden, southern rock, stone temple pilots, stupidity, surviving the game, tapes, tasteful guitar solos, temple of the dog, temple university, the beatles, the doors, the river, the story of b, the who, the yardbirds, throwing muses, toad the wet sprocket, toadies, uncle tupelo, van halen (roth), velvet underground, vinyl, wilco, writing, writing songs, yes, yo la tengo
Friends:10: boondocksaint83, bullmoose, ernz, flotnmarshmallo, ivorymarrakesh, jaydub, middletownloser, pretty1_n_pink, teenafofeena, wlp_templar
Friend of:7: boondocksaint83, bullmoose, ernz, flotnmarshmallo, ivorymarrakesh, teenafofeena, wlp_templar
Account type:Early Adopter

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